A look into the “fancier” future


Photo provided by Ava Stripling

Sophomores Catherine Googe, Sophie Johnson, and Adelaide Merrick pose on the dance floor.

Ava Stripling, Staff Writer

RJ Reynolds High School has always been good at keeping up with traditions that fill the school with spirit. The themed football games, homecoming tailgates, homecoming dances, and RJR follies are what makes RJR so special. This year, Reynolds has started a new tradition: The Black and Gold Affair. This winter dance took place on December 17th, kickstarting the winter break.

The dance offered plenty of food and fun activities for all of the students to enjoy on the dance floor. Students from all grades were invited and the invites were open to students from other schools as well. 

“We’re going to have a 360 camera, a photo booth, a wing bar, DJ, and it’s going to be really fun,” Food and Culinary Science teacher Philip Boyd said. 

Some students were unsure about the dress code for this winter dance, since there wasn’t really one in place. A lot of students didn’t know if they were supposed to dress up or if it was more casual like the homecoming dance. Most were excited by the idea that they could wear whatever they wanted, versus usually having to stick to the dress code of “fancy attire.”

“I kinda like the dress code, it gives us a chance to show our personality through what you wear,” junior Cheyenne Hughs said. 

Teachers agreed with that statement as well. In the past, school dances were supposed to be a chance to dress up nice with your friends, but now you can wear whatever you feel confident in. 

“The dress code is come as you want, some people might come fancy and some people might come casual,” Boyd said. “We just want you guys to have fun.” 

This year, the homecoming dance took place after the homecoming football game, similar to how the winter dance took place on a Saturday, the day after winter break started. There was some controversy about the dance taking place after break started and if that would effect the amount of people that attended, but most students preferred it being on a Saturday versus a Friday. 

“I like the fact that the dance is after break, it’s not as stressful as the homecoming dance since it was after the football game,” junior Neriah Hooper said. 

Most students agree with that statement. The homecoming dance was a little chaotic because of the timing of everything, and most students weren’t able to attend it. 

“I couldn’t even make the homecoming dance because it was so late at night after the game,” Hughs said. 

The Black and Gold Affair tickets were $15 this year, versus the homecoming tickets were only $10. The funds from the tickets are going towards the school, to make Reynolds a better place!

“So the money is going back to the school, and some of the funds are going to help fund the food at the dance and activities as well as other events in the future,” Boyd said.

While old traditions will always hold a special place in students’ hearts, new ones provide something different to look forward to every year. If you didn’t make it to the RJR Black and Gold affair, don’t worry because there will be one every year!