A picture-perfect prom

When asked to sum up prom in one word, students said: unique, dazzling, sparkly, and exhilarating. Though these positive responses from students varied, junior Payton Britt’s answer sums up the theme well, “fabulous.”

Photo provided by Avery Ehrman and Will Bumgarner

This magical night wasn’t reached without meticulous planning by the Prom Committee, led by French teacher Victoria Schmoyer and ASL teacher Amiee Falk. Since the fall semester, they have been working to create the perfect event for RJ Reynolds High School’s juniors and seniors.

“Most years once we have the prom committee we toss around theme ideas and look at ideas we see online to see what people have done and what’s available,” Schmoyer said. “This year since it was 100 years we decided to go with the idea of a gala/red carpet theme to celebrate.”

The theme of the “Demon Gala” was shown throughout the venue with prominent decorations, including the red carpet, photo booth, and a black and gold balloon arch. This event was perfected down to the smallest details like the table centerpieces and gift bags for the guests. 

Photo provided by Avery Ehrman and Will Bumgarner

“One thing that’s special about Reynolds prom is we don’t buy a prom in a box,” Schmoyer said. “You can just go online and get a theme and a bunch of cardboard cutouts and be done. We’ve always designed all of our centerpieces. We have the archway every year and the other decorations we create.”

The creativity and effort that the prom committee puts forth are what makes RJR prom such a unique experience for students, making it a night impossible for any other school to replicate. 

 “I think it’s quite perfect honestly,” AP Government and Politics teacher Troy Colvard said. “I’ve been to many proms since I started working here in 2017, and this is one of the best ones, I’d say.”

The theme was also represented through the attendees’ outfits. Everyone was dressed to the nines, and their styles were shown through their outfit choices. 

“I knew red was my color,” junior Addy Lewis said. “So I was looking for anything red, and I had to go to so many stores to find one I loved, but it was worth it.”

Like Colvard, many other teachers were stationed around Truist Stadium throughout the event. Their jobs were to make sure everything was going as smoothly as possible, and some even joined in on the dancing. 

Photo provided by Avery Ehrman and Will Bumgarner

“I am very grateful for the amazing teachers that worked on the event,” senior prom court member Caleb Williams said. “They helped to keep us safe, and they made sure we all had a great time.”

The night concluded with the prom court celebrations and fireworks out on Truist Stadium in the field below. For seniors Kenaz McMillian and Maisa Valerio this moment was particularly magical as they were named this year’s prom queen and king.

“It was amazing,” McMillian said. “I just can’t even describe it.”   

Photo provided by Avery Ehrman and Will Bumgarner

  Through the teacher’s supervision and hard work from prom committees planning, this year’s prom was truly a night to remember.

“My favorite part about the prom was that I got to enjoy yet another amazing event here at RJR,” Williams said. “I love this school, and I couldn’t have asked for a better senior prom.”