Hitting the deadline


Photo provided by Joshua Sarfert

Flyers to order the 2023 yearbook hang in the halls!

Joshua Sarfert, Staff Writer

In the past few years, especially since Covid, the Black and Gold yearbook has had delayed delivery. However, this year students in the yearbook class were able to finish the book on time for a mid-may delivery date.  

“Ever since Covid the deadline has been off,  I wasn’t an adviser then so I couldn’t tell you explicitly but for whatever reason, the book just didn’t get done in time, especially delivery, but this year we actually hit the deadline of March 6th.,” Stephanie Walters, the Yearbook Advisor said.

Hitting deadlines is one of the main responsibilities a yearbook staffer has, especially in a class that is focused on a closed timeframe.

“Ms. Walters does a good job of helping us manage deadlines by making mini-deadlines that we have to meet,” Nina Howards, a 10th-grade yearbook staff member said. “It can be kind of stressful if a due date is coming up and your spread isn’t as good as it should be.”

Another task of a yearbook staff is taking the pictures to go in the yearbook, requiring staff members to attend specific events and attend certain classes.

“It’s not just going around and taking pictures of things, it’s going around and taking pictures of very specific things,” Hannah Dickerson, an 11th-grade yearbook staff member said.

Once the staff gets the pictures, their work isn’t done just yet-they then are responsible for designing the page that goes in the book.

“A general staffer is responsible for designing their own pages or adjusting a predesigned layout, they have to do the interviews for anybody involved, and of course, they have to write the captions for any pictures,” Walters said.

There is much more to creating the yearbook than what people may think. It’s not all just taking pictures and submitting quotes.

“I’m so proud of all the work everyone has done this year and how it turned out, I’m very excited to see the yearbook in print,” Howards said.

Be on the lookout for the 2022-2023 yearbook, arriving to students very soon!