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Caroline McConnico

Emelia Merrick

Online Editors:

Mary Catherine Colo

Jackson Fromm

A&E Editor:

Ellie Pearsall

Sports Editors: 

Allison Boyd

Duncan Brown

News Editor:

Martha Greco

Feature Editor:

Charlie Storter

Op/Ed Editor:

Mercer Blanco

Staff writers:

Ava Stripling

Keegan Brown

May Lewis

Stuart Vaughn

Genesis Ervin

Avery Ehrman

Jack Parrish

Kennedy Clary

Xela Harris

Olivia Stubbs

Benton Sullivian

Tariana Williams

Jalynn Bailey

Lilly Zaks

Rose Doss

Victoria Fabre

Brandon Schroeder

Joshua Sarfert

Louisa Joyce

Sarah Sietz

Will Bumgarner

Get to know the whole staff on Staff Feature Saturdays via the Pine Whispers Instagram (@rjrpinewhispers)!! Click each name to see all the articles written by that staffer too!



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