Meet the Board Amid the Pines: Deanna Kaplan


Keegan Brown, Staff Writer

    Students all over the district are impacted by the Board of Education each and every day. The members on the board determine how our day to day lives run on campus. Deanna Kaplan has touched the schools in the district ever since stepping foot in being a part of the board. Kaplan had a dream to make a change and since being elected, she has made her dream come true. 

    “I was sitting in a Booster Club meeting at Reynolds High School feeling very frustrated at the lack of responses from the Board with an issue that we were all having,” Kaplan said. “I decided rather than complain, I would do something about it and create change. So, I decided to run…and was fortunate enough to win.”

    Kaplan has been on the board of education since 2018 when she was elected as an at-large representative. There are many different policies that the members of the board care for.

    “I don’t have one policy that overrides the others,” Kaplan said. “They are all important in making our District run smoothly to help our children receive the best possible outcomes.”

    She influences the entire district while being on the school board but her work has primarily affected Reynolds.

    “As a mother of five Reynolds graduates, I have had the unique opportunity to experience the challenges that RJR faces and advocate for the school,” Kaplan said. “We are finally moving forward with the Stadium which will be a game changer for the students who have not been able to participate due to transportation issues.”

    Kaplan’s unique background has helped her see multiple different viewpoints with the many different positions she has had over time within the school system.

    “Having raised five children, I have been an active volunteer in each of their schools,” Kaplan said. “I have served in every possible capacity…even as PTA president.”

    Kaplan is a democratic board member but is still involved with the entire district.

    “I love my job!” Kaplan said. “I wish it wasn’t partisan. Education should never be about politics.”

    She enjoys her job and recently got reelected this year. Education is very important to Kaplan and is a big part of the board of education but she knows there is still room for improvement.

    “We work well together along with the Superintendent at the helm,” Kaplan said. “I suppose I would like to see greater input from the students when it comes to our decision making. We do have a student led council that our Superintendent participates in. She is making great strides to allow our students to have a voice.”

    Kaplan cares about students’ voices and wants to help impact students all across the district for the better.

    “My favorite thing is to serve others and make a difference in the lives of our students!” Kaplan said.  “It is an incredible honor!”