Meet the Board Amid the Pines: Richard Watts

Meet the Board Amid the Pines: Richard Watts

Keegan Brown, Staff Writer

    Richard Watts has been part of our school system for a big part of his life. He has impacted and connected so many people across the community and now, being on the school board for the first time, he continues his path to help all schools and students across the district.

    “32 years all here in Forsyth County schools,” Richard Watts said.

    Before joining the School Board, Watts has been a part of the Forsyth County school community and touched so many souls. Watts has been a teacher at Wiley Middle School, Assistant Principal at Southwest Elementary School, and has been Principal at Kimberly Park Elementary, Julian Gibson Elementary School, and Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy School. Since Watts has the experience of having positions at multiple different schools, he can relate to teachers and staff.

    “I want to figure out how to take some things off of teachers’ plates to give them the time to get back to really enjoying the job which is teaching and interacting with young people,” Watts said.

    Watts has been able to see so many different viewpoints throughout his career and developed a deep understanding of what teachers, staff, and students need. He wants to be able to listen to RJR students because he believes in learning from students and understanding their needs to help better the schools in the district. He has ideas for the future and wants to make sure students are implemented in the future decisions of the board.

    “Students have answers and I want to hear it from you,” Watts said.

    Even though this is Watts’s first year on the board, he has a lot of experience with the schools in this area. Since being all over this district, Watts plans to help Forsyth County; school by school, teacher by teacher, and student by student.