The Club Fair


All photos provided by Allison Boyd

The Reynolds club fair on Friday, September 10 had a great turnout. There were hundreds of students walking around visiting the many club booths set up at lunch. With music playing, and candy being handed out as students explored the club booths, it was a really fun community event. Clubs are a great way to get involved and meet new people while doing something you enjoy. Reynolds offers a variety of clubs so there is something for everyone. Below are quotes and information from just a few of the many clubs Reynolds has to offer as well as the link to a website page that lists all the clubs and their advisors for anyone who is interested in joining or learning more about a new club. 


Senior Girls Service Club (SGSC):

“People should join (SGSC) because it’s a very fun club and it’s good bonding with a lot of different grades and you get a lot of service hours that are good for the community”

-Nell Chandler

Instagram handle: rjr_sgsc



Divers Inclusive Demons Club (D.I.D.):

“Our mission is to have a welcoming and loving club and just a safe place for everybody”

-Walt Peterson

Remind Code: text @rjrdid to 81010

Instagram Handle: rjrdid



Creative Writing Club:

“People should join creative writing club because we create a fun and creative outlet for writers at Reynolds. We have contests, parties, and a lot of other stuff”

-Quentin Morris

Instagram Handle: rjr.creativewriting



Girls Council (GC):

“We think you should join because it’s so much fun, we do lots of community service and we also have a lot of fun together doing dinners and parties. It’s a great group of girls so you should definitely join!”

-Ava Ginn and Sarah Greco

Instagram Handle: reynolds_gc



Spanish Club:

“You should join Spanish club because it’s a great way to meet new people at Reynolds and there’s a lot of opportunities to learn about fun things in the Spanish culture and we eat food and candy”

-Leah Stitzel

Remind Code: text @spcl2021 to 81010

Instagram Handle: rjr.spanishclub



Ronald McDonald House:

“You should definitely join the Ronald McDonald House Club, it’s really fun and we do a lot of service for the house. There are events and fundraisers and we also do snack bags and it’s just a really good time”

-Sarah Greco

Instagram Handle: rmhclub_rjr


Anime Club:

“People should join anime club if they enjoy talking about or discussing or watching anime and want to meet more people who also do”

-Shai Kim-Shapiro

Remind Code: text @anime204 to 81010



French Club:

“People should join French Club because it’s an easy way to make friends and learn about french culture”

-Grace Bridges




Link to Clubs page on the Reynolds website for all other Clubs and Organizations: