NC Lieutenant Governor


Photo provided by Bo Dalrymple

Bo Dalrymple, Managing Editor

The second highest elected official in the state of North Carolina, whose primary responsibility is to preside over the North Carolina Senate. Additionally they serve as a member of the Council of State, the North Carolina Board of Education, the North Carolina Capital Planning Commission, and the North Carolina Board of Community Colleges, and serves as the Chairman of the eLearning Commission. The race is between Mark Robinson (Republican Party) and Yvonne Lewis Holley (Democratic Party).


Mark Robinson:

Public Safety- An advocate for upholding the 2nd Amendment, serving on the Board of Directors for the NRA. Education– Advocates for school choice and believes opportunity scholarship programs should receive increased financial assistance so students of lower economic statuses can go to schools outside of the public school system. Economy– Will fight for workers across North Carolina to make sure they have jobs, and supports less taxation and regulations so business owners can hire more employees and invest more into their communities. Immigration– Will stand up against sanctuary cities in our state which he believes are dangerous and disproportionately affect low income areas. Veterans– Believes that expenses should not be spared to take care of Veterans who need assistance when they return home.


Yvonne Lewis Holley:

Public Safety- Supports legislation that bans assault weapons and magazines, background checks and licensing permits for all firearms, Red Flag Laws and safe storage legislation. Immigration– Supports allowing sheriffs to determine their departments’ cooperation with ICE and to end 287G agreements, granting in-state tuition and financial aid to undocumented students, and allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver’s license. Criminal Justice ReformSupports funding for the Raise the Age juvenile program and Juvenile Crime Prevention Council, and supports ending bails for those who have not been found guilty of any crime and the taking of driver’s licenses for non-traffic violations. Will continue to work to establish a process of reinstating ex-offenders to get or regain certifications and licensures and will continue to support mental health and drug treatment programs over incarceration. Environment– Opposes drilling for oil or gas on the coast and supports offshore wind development to move away from fossil fuels. Will make sure North Carolina infrastructure is more energy efficient and ensure Governor Cooper’s Executive Order 80 calling to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 40% is met, allowing departments to meet and exceed their environmental goals with funding the tools needed to accomplish them; as the chair of the Energy Policy Council will work with the legislation to develop new ways of cleaning lakes, rivers, and streams through prevention. Women’s Rights– Supports legislation to guarantee access to quality healthcare and safe abortion care, and supports equal pay for women.




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