The Return of School Spirit


Photo provided by Althea Floge

Althea Floge, Staff Writer

After missing a year of homecoming due to COVID, the hopes for this year’s homecoming court were extremely high. However, they exceeded all expectations, helping to grow the already vibrant school spirit. School spirit was put on hold last year, among other things. Although students were on campus for classes towards the end of the year, school spirit stayed home.

“My school spirit was negatively impacted by COVID because I didn’t have the motivation to dress up or participate,” sophomore, Elizabeth Googe said. “Also, since I never had a full normal year at Reynolds, I didn’t feel comfortable enough to participate.”

Not only did COVID affect school spirit, but it also affected sports. School spirit has never been more important to students than this year. Friday nights, the student section at Deaton Thompson Stadium is packed with students who are eager to join their peers to cheer on the Reynolds Demons Football team.

“I have loved having students back in the stands,” senior Rowdy president, Zach Dunn said. “The energy and spirit at the games has been fantastic.”

Anyone who attended the pep rally Friday, September 17th could tell that school spirit was in the air. The voices of students rang out, cheering on the homecoming court. As the ten homecoming queen nominees promenaded through the courtyard, the marching band played while the dancing boots and cheerleaders enthusiastically cheered on their peers.

Provided by Althea Floge

Thomas Moore,  a coach, and counselor at Reynolds high school, MC’d the event. Announcing the homecoming court as they walked in allowed Moore the opportunity to reflect on how monumental this pep rally was for the students on campus. 

“I think it’s good the kids are actually able to do this,” Moore said. “It’s been two years in the making almost, I know it’s only been one school year, but it feels like two because of the way one year kind of abruptly ended.”

The energy buzzing around the school was not lost on the members of the homecoming court. Senior Ellie Collins was ecstatic to be on the homecoming court this year, participating in one of these time-honored senior traditions. 

“I just love being a part of the Reynolds community,” Collins said. “I think the return to school has made this more exciting, and I definitely see more energy at the football games.”

After being out of school for over a year, students are excited to finally celebrate school spirit together, go rowdy in the stands, and cheer on the very students that make Reynolds great. The students’ energy at the pep rally radiated with excitement and foretold what excitement the homecoming game would bring later Friday night.