New York’s been waiting for ya!


Photo provided by Caroline McConnico – The flyer of the proposed arts trip to New York City.

Louisa Joyce, Staff Writer

    New York City, the Big Apple, or as some would say, “the concrete jungle where dreams are made of,” is full of bright city lights, radiant billboards, and the tallest buildings touching the sky. Littered with people roaming the streets and sidewalks, NYC is calling. Here, it’s an upbeat life where people from all over the world travel to pursue their dreams and wishes while having experiences they will never forget.    

    This year the RJ Reynolds New York City Art Trip is coming up, which spans from April 13th-17th. Students can have the time of their lives for three nights in the big city. The trip will include a round trip bus transportation to and from New York City, art-infused training, and numerous group specials throughout the visit.

    “We’re gonna go and do dance workshops, theater workshops, music workshops, all specific to whatever discipline the student is interested in,” dance teacher and trip collaborator Amelia Hailey said. “We’re going to go see two Broadway shows. We’re going to go see one show that is specific to the discipline, and we are going to sightsee and do some touristy things as well!” 

   While this trip had previously only been open to select art students, the faculty decided to offer it to all art students this year. 

    “Forty students are signed up to go on the trip, and the majority of those are dance students, but it also included theater, chorus, guitarists, piano, band, and orchestra students,” Hailey said.

    While in the city, there will be walking tours of Soho, Greenwich Village, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Rockefeller, 5th Avenue, Chinatown, Times Square, Central Park, Little Italy, and many more. But this trip won’t be like a typical family vacation that most students would expect.        

    “They get to do so much more than they would if they were just one with their family in New York because we have a group package,” Hailey said. “They also get to build friendships and relationships. [They] get to see how professionals work in the fields that they’re interested in and the arts. It’s just an overall wonderful bonding experience that not a lot of high school kids get to do.” 

    The art department’s New York trip is an iconic feature of the RJR experience. If you missed your opportunity to go this year, never fear. This once-in-a-lifetime trip is offered every two years!