Reynolds diverse music taste

Sarah Seitz, Staff Writer

Everyone here at Reynolds knows that this school is everything but simple. Since we are the Reynolds diverse Demons, it is to be said that diversity is intertwined with our school like wires. Our diversity is in the form of cultures, differing backgrounds, and music. Reynolds is home to a lot of different types of students, who all love and appreciate different types of music. 

In order to try and take a peek into what is popular amongst the student body, I created a form for all RJR students to fill out. The survey covers musicians, albums, and favorite tunes. People were happy to share what was playing through their headphones. Their responses were telling of the diversity amongst peers.

The range of responses regarding genres was not surprising. Equally split amongst several genres, from rock and country to alternative rock and indie, students had the option to write in different genres that weren’t standard. 

“I want to say I mainly stick with alternative rock or free-form acoustic.” junior James Hailey said.

Hailey is just an example of the different types of music taste here at Reynolds. 

The survey became a place where students could talk about albums, deciding which ones they would consider their favorites. These albums ranged from classic albums like Purple Rain, Rumors by Fleetwood Mac, and Abbey Road by The Beatles to lesser-known albums like Opus Eponymous by Ghost, a response from student North Arcure. 

In terms of artists, people had a lot of upcoming artists they have been listening to. Popular, mainstream artists did find their way in with responses like Harry Styles, Led Zeppelin, and Taylor Swift, but other students shared artists that are slowly making their way up, like Lizzy McAlpine, Doechii, PinkPantheress, and Mom Jeans. 

Overall, the diversity is so clear amongst Reynolds students and their music. Music is tied into our daily lives and shows a lot about who we are and what we love.