Holiday & Chill


Photo provided by Genesis Ervin – Netflix’s latest holiday movies.

Genesis Ervin, Staff Writer

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s time to grab your favorite hot drink and gather around the TV with your loved ones… but wait. What movie should you play to start the night off right? Well, I’ve got four perfect options to pick from when it comes to Netflix holiday movies. 

    First, my favorite of the four is Single All The Way. Introverted plant father, Peter, gets his roommate Nick to pose as his boyfriend to please his family for a holiday trip. Peter was looking for love this holiday but couldn’t seem to find himself connecting with anyone except Nick. The story unexpectedly turns into a heartwarming LGBTQ+ tale of friends to lovers. Through heartwarming dance scenes, LGBTQ+ inclusivity, and a crazy plot twist, this story became one of my favorites! 

    My second favorite of the movies is Dolly Parton’s Christmas On The Square. Regina Fuller plans to sell the town of many families and wholehearted memories. That is until Regina gets the news that she has a tumor. Ever since a guardian angel popped up to show her what would happen if she were to bulldoze the town and sell it off to build a mall, she believes she’s starting to hallucinate from the tumor. However, it was no hallucination; It was Dolly Parton! Overall, Dolly Parton’s Christmas On The Square is a heartwarming film centered around realizing what someone’s poor morals could do to a whole town, teaching an important life lesson.  

    My third favorite film is Falling For Christmas. Sierra Belmont, the heiress of her father’s hotel business, goes on a ski trip with her fiance, Tad, but falls into a terrible accident, causing her amnesia. Jake Russell, the cabin owner of this resort, finds her knocked out during one of his tours and takes care of her until she can get her memory back. With Tad looking for her, Jake helps her regain her functions and memories. Through emotional journeys and an unexpected love interest, Sierra starts to regain her memory. The light-heartedness makes Falling For Christmas a great movie to watch with your loved ones. 

    Lastly, The Knight Before Christmas is my fourth favorite film. Ancient Sir Cole Christopher Fredrick Lyons is transported into the present day and meets a high school science teacher, Brooke Winters. This movie is a medieval meets modern love story. The film brings a different theme of falling in love despite differences and falls under the trope of romance in winter. The acting and the cast are excellent, having Vanessa Hudgens and John Whitehouse. The movie’s magical plot and sweet love story make this the perfect film to enjoy during the holidays!