Theatre: A Creative Outlet For Students


Photo provided by Charlie Stoter

Charlie Stoter, Staff Writer

Theatre for all? Of course! Here at RJR you can take theatre as a class and perform in programs like the spring musical throughout the year. Many students who take theatre have no previous knowledge of theatre, while other students come to Reynolds for the sole purpose of participating in the program.

“I’ve known I wanted to go to Reynolds since the fourth grade because of their theatre program,” Karis Tuck, sophomore theatre student, said. 

The students that participate in this class also get to experience working with the theatre teacher;  Nick Zayas. Mr. Zayas plays an important role in supporting and educating students when it comes to theatre.

“Mr. Zayas is very welcoming and wants to teach the basic knowledge to everybody and then there are different levels based on how much you want to get into theatre,” Tuck said. 

Theatre is not just performing on stage. Here at Reynolds, you can be a theatre tech student and learn how to produce programs from behind the scenes. 

“For our performances and shows the tech theatre students get to run everything behind the scenes,” Tuck said. 

Not only does this class create an artistic outlet but it also creates a safe space for everyone. It is a space where students can bond over the love for theatre and meet new people. 

“It can really open up your mind and allow you to branch out and meet people with different backgrounds and personalities,” sophomore Kelsey Thacker said. 

Reynolds is fortunate enough to have state-of-the-art equipment as well as an outstanding auditorium to host shows. Having an exceptional space to work in has helped benefit the theatre students.

“The auditorium is so beautiful and we are so lucky to have it,” Thacker said. “I think it will encourage people to perform more often being in such a beautiful space.” 

Theatre can lead to so many career paths in the future or just provide a creative outlet during students’ high school years.

“I feel like I am able to take the things I learn in theatre and take them outside to all of my other endeavors,” Thacker said. “The people who want to join theatre should join theatre, we are a very accepting community to all!” 

All of the perks that the theatre program provides are why Reynolds students should sign up for this amazing class!