What does love mean to high schoolers?


Anesu Nyakudya, Staff Writer

With Valentine’s Day coming up, relationships in high school have been feeling a lot more pressure. Love in high school has given the word love a whole new meaning. Dating in high school has always been a popular topic. It’s in movies and tv shows and for some of us, our everyday lives. 

Many people argue that love in high school isn’t really love. That relationships in high school are just a fling. Others would argue that love in high school is the real deal and its the same as if they were adults. 

Sophomore Camille Crawford argues that high school relations are just as real as any relationship.

“I think love has no age,” Crawford said. “It’s how different age groups express it, that makes people think that high school relationships aren’t real.  For example, when we get older love is expressed by your commitment to your partner (marriage), but who says that teenagers cannot express that same amount of love and commitment, just in another way.”

Although relationships as an adolescent are tricky, Valentine’s Day does not make it any easier. High school is already demanding enough as it is with unbearable pressures, this one day  out of 365 can be difficult for some.

“I think Valentine’s Day, truly, is a bad idea, it tells couples that they have to make an extraordinary, imaginary amount of love, all just for one holiday,” Crawford said. “The idea of it is sweet, that you have the holiday as an excuse to spoil your loved one, but couples should do that year round.” 

 This just proves how Valentine’s Day, relationships and love put more stress on teens and their lives. Why is being in relationship in high school so hard? Is it the fact that it’s more to focus on in addition to school work? Maybe it’s the fact the teens are still growing and learning and sometimes it can be difficult when there’s something else in their life to worry about? 

Crawford had a lot to say about the difficulties of high school relationships and her thoughts them. 

“Everyone knows that most high school relationships end,” Crawford said.” Mostly in very toxic and ugly ways. We are young, but what people refuse to see, is that we are capable of being mature and making sacrifices. It just matters how much your partner is aware to their capability. Most relationships end because of what someone else said or what a random person thought of them. Making the sacrifice of simply blocking it out isn’t easy, but it definitely isn’t hard. I believe that every high school relationship was real, at some point, but it’s the toxic environment that we’re all in, the environment that leads us to say bad things to the people we love, the environment that makes love seem fake on the outside.”

Overall relationships in high school are really up for interpretation. On Valentine’s Day everything confusing or everything wonderful about them amplifies. Whether you are already in a relationship or you’re single for the holiday.