Stupid or cupid?


Sania Williamson, Staff Writer

Since kindergarten, we have been taught to celebrate the national holiday we all know as Valentines Day. Growing up as a young kid, we learned that this day was all about love and celebrating it with our classmates. 

“Every year in elementary school all the students were told to bring in candy to put in a box for each student on Valentines Day,” sophomore Lillian Carpenter said.

At five years old, Valentines Day represented red hearts, note cards and candy bags that we passed around during class time. 

However, as we get older, it seems that some of us take Valentine’s Day more seriously. Involving relationships, actual gifts and spending quality time with your significant other. During this particular holiday, a lot of people traditionally celebrate with a date night.

“I think Valentine’s Day is a significant holiday because it is a holiday where people get to be intimate with each other and get spoiled by their significant other,” junior Tylaiah Russell said.

Whereas, some do not see the importance of the holiday. 

“I think Valentines Day is a stupid holiday to celebrate because people should show acts of love anyway and not just give stupid random gifts that are basically meaningless,” sophmore Porter Hastings said. “I think the only reason Valentine’s Day is still celebrated today is because it is an easy way for businesses to make money and for people to show affection to their partners.”

Businesses do tend to make a lot more money around Valentines. The interesting thing about the topic is that you can look at it in so many perspectives. In one way, it could be a win win situation. Stores make more money, your partner receives lots of gifts and love and everyone is happy. 

The opposing perspective sees the holiday as a mind game. You spend money on “useless” gifts such as teddy bears and candy, and you show “love” to your partner when you should’ve been showing that love all year. 

It is so controversial. What does Valentine’s Day really represent? The true meaning behind Valentine’s Day is when lovers express their affection with greetings and gifts.    

With that being said. Valentine’s Day is truly what you make it. If you decide to celebrate with your loved ones be sure to spread as much love as you can. If you feel the holiday has no meaning do not feel obligated to celebrate. 

We should all spread love throughout the year, be careful with limiting the love to just one day.