Maddie McGlocklin shines as a Dancing Boot

Jeda Lee, Op/Ed Editor

If you’ve ever been to a school event you may have seen junior Maddie McGlocklin dancing her heart away. She has a passion for dancing and it shows when she performs.

She is a team player, or “team dancer” if you will, on and off the stage. She brings many things to the boots, just as much as she gains from being on the boots.

“I love helping inspire team spirit amongst the students at football and basketball games,” McGlocklin said.  “Working through issues with my teammates have formed stronger bonds and created a type of sisterhood that has been very rewarding.”

Everyone knows junior year is a year long struggle, even for well rounded McGlocklin. Time management is key and McGlocklin has done a good job at doing such.

“A challenge that I have faced this year has been juggling school, dancing boots, keeping my grades up, outside dance and planning for the future,” McGlocklin said. “This has taught me time management skills and how to work with others.”

As juniors, even through all the stress everyone is excited for their last year of high school as seniors. It’s an exciting time that all high schoolers look forward to from the beginning.

“Something that I am excited for is having some new classes! I have definitely enjoyed this year but I am ready for something new,” McGlocklin said. “Next year I am taking some different classes like ceramics and zoology that I am really looking forward to!”

Dancing is a big part of McGlocklin’s life, while it takes up most of her time she still finds ways around it to enjoy other things she loves.

“Although dance consumes a lot of my free time I enjoy listening to music and going to concerts,” McGlocklin said.

High school is different for everyone, everyone has their own unique experiences; especially at Reynolds. McGlocklin included, she’s had to juggle school work, social life, dancing and many other factors that would make other students stressed beyond words; but she has managed it well and will continue to her senior year.  

She has met so many new people while at Reynolds and with that comes different learning experiences as well. With dancing being a large part of her personal brand it is hard to see her life without it, Reynolds while being a dancing boot has been an experience in itself.

“I couldn’t imagine my years here at Reynolds without having Boots,” McGlocklin said. “I look forward to entering my fourth years as a dancing boot in the fall.”

Photo courtesy of Maddie McGlocklin