The Story Behind the Red iPhone

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The Story Behind the Red iPhone

Ben Wescott, Staff Writer

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    Continuing its eleven year partnership with PRODUCT RED, Apple has expanded its current generation of iDevices and accessories by adding a red finishes on selective devices.

    PRODUCT RED, started by Paul David Hewson, A.K.A Bono of U2 in 2006, is a non profit organization created to help fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic in eight sub-saharan African countries: Ghana, Lesotho, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Kenya, and Zambia, all of which are hotspots for the HIV/AIDS virus.

    Since its launch, PRODUCT RED has raised up to 500 million dollars for “counseling, testing, and medicine that prevents the transmission of HIV from a mother to her unborn child.”

    The benefit has also claimed to save the lives of 110 million lives in their battle against the deadly virus. According to Apple, PRODUCT RED sends one hundred percent of their proceeds directly to the HIV/AIDS global fund.

    “(RED) was founded with a simple mission: To create a sustainable flow of corporate money into the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.”

    Since Apple announced its partnership with PRODUCT RED, they have sent $160 million through RED to the global fund, making Apple one of their biggest backers along with Nike, American Express, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Converse.

    Apple’s partnership with RED stands out from the rest because Apple does not affiliate with large companies or organizations other than cell phone carriers, parts manufacturers, and PRODUCT RED.

    Of the current generation iDevices offered, only the iPhone 8, 8+, and iPhone touch are available in red. PRODUCT RED cost the same amount as the stock devices, the only difference being the red back as well as PRODUCT RED engraved on the back. Accessories include the Beats Solo and Pill+ (Apple owns Beats), Apple Watch sport and luxury bands, and IPad and iPhone cases (including a battery case).

    Considering the RED product line is only available for a limited time, older PRODUCT RED iDevices can be hard to find, making them more expensive than the stock devices.

    If you would like to contribute the global fund for the battle against the HIV/AIDS website without buying a pricey device, you can donate any amount of money straight from the PRODUCT RED website which will contribute to the global fight against this deadly disease.

    Find their donation page here,