Voting is Cool!

Voting is Cool!

Fleet Wilson, Editor in Chief

    There is an oddly specific genre of videos which hold a special place in my heart. Many find them cringey, most blatantly ignore them, yet I relish in their clumsy brilliance. Politicians asking millenials to vote.

   Politics aren’t very cool. Aside from the President’s salacious porn star scandals, the nitty gritty of Paul Ryan’s tax fetish is rather uninteresting to the average millenial. (Note: This is the last time I will use the word millenial in this article, because millenials hate the word millenial and it is a tell-tale sign that you are old and out of touch if you use the word ‘millenial’ when targeting today’s youth.)

   So the average, bland, policy-oriented politician, encounters our central problem. They realize, “I’m thoroughly uninteresting to anyone under the age of 24, yet 10% of voting age Americans are under the age of 24, I need to appeal to the youths!”

    Often their response to this quandary goes something like this.


    So obviously politicians are wildly ineffective at marketing themselves to the new voting bloc, and the few that find success are often wildly ineffective politicians. Most of us would prefer a public servant who is more entrenched in the implications of policy and leadership decisions rather than going viral on Twitter. But it seems with these old geezers it’s a “pick one not both” situation.

    That’s where we come in.

    Here at Pine Whispers, we think voting is cool. Like really cool. Just ask our staff.

    Again, voting is really cool. And even if it isn’t, it’s important. Aside from cheesy “get out and vote campaigns” and blatant pandering, the only real way for students to feel represented in government is to vote. Registering is easy, and planning in advance helps a lot.


    Are you 18 or older The link to the NC Voter Registration form is here:

Are you 16 or older? Pre-register to vote using the same link! 


    Print it out and sign it (in ink because it is an official government thingy), then mail it to your local board of elections. If you live in Forsyth County, then the address is 201 N Chestnut St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101.

    So now there is no excuse, you too can be as cool as all the other super cool adults. Register to vote. Be cool. No peer pressure, just vote.