Wonderful world of Walt


Photo provided by Robert Hill Photography

Peterson takes a shot to score for Reynolds.

Avery Ehrman, Staff Writer

    From soccer to cross country, Key Club to DID, senior Walt Peterson does it all. During his time at Reynolds has played soccer, ran cross country and track, and has put forth a lot of effort towards Reynolds athletics and he plans to continue doing so during his senior year. The balance of sports, academics, social lives, and maintaining jobs is something almost all high schoolers struggle to do and very few have the willpower to balance two sports at once. Peterson is one of the few that manage to pull it off. 

     “Walt is one of the nicest people that I’ve ever met and super hard working and super supportive of his teammates,” Jamie Gaspari, the Reynolds cross country and track coach said. “He loves being here, loves being on the cross country team, he has just a great enthusiasm about it and we’re just so lucky to have him. I’m so happy he joined up with us this year.” 

    Peterson’s love for soccer started at a young age playing with his brothers. Both of them played at Reynolds and have continued to be inspirations in Walt’s life even while away at college. For Peterson and many others, siblings are just as much inspiration as they are competition. 

     “I think my brothers are definitely up there as in just trying to take after them a little bit,” Peterson said. “There’s a factor of trying to live up to the name a little bit in my head but it’s also like they’re my mentors and my best friends at the same time.”

    Carrying on the Peterson legacy, playing two sports, and managing AP classes is a lot for one person to handle. This busy schedule can put a lot of unnecessary stress on people that can be hard to let go of. Everyone, no matter how much they’re balancing, has an escape. A way to destress, relax, and do something you’re passionate about. 

    “Honestly sports are kinda my escape,” Peterson said. “It’s kinda nice to do something every day and running is super nice to clear the mind and I feel good after and to do that every day is nice.”

    The bond athletes form with their teammates and the positive atmosphere that’s created allows for a great space for players to turn to. 

    “I just love the team dynamic. I think it’s so cool.” Peterson said. “Our school is also super diverse and I think it’s so cool that, on any given team, you can get so many backgrounds and so many different people and I think it’s fun to do things you’re passionate about with people you enjoy being with.”

    Peterson is very present in the Reynolds community as he is a part of numerous clubs and athletic teams along with being a high-achieving student academic wise. 

    “I’m in the DID [Diverse Inclusive Demons] club and I’m trying to join the Ronald McDonald club and the key club this year,” Peterson said. “I’m also planning on doing indoor and outdoor track.” 

    Peterson has been a great addition to Reynolds’s athletic program and any team that he has been a part of was incredibly lucky to have him. He has contributed many hours of service to the community and his overall involvement at Reynolds is something to be proud of. Overall, he is a wonderful student, a talented athlete, and most importantly a good person.