The 4th Quarter Homework Blitz


Sophia Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

    As the school year comes to an end, teachers are preparing their students for AP and end-of-year exams. In their attempt to give their students the best chance of doing well, some teachers have gone overboard as far as assignments and assessments.

    When students, especially seniors, reach fourth quarter, they look forward to spending their last quarter in relaxing fashion. But to their dismay, teacher pile on mountains of work. This includes tests and quizzes everyday along with copious amount of homework.

    Students taking multiple AP are assigned hours upon hours of homework along with studying on top of that. Students that participate in sports and extracurriculars have no way to complete all of this work, which drags their fourth quarter grade down, when the fourth quarter should be a time to boost one’s grades.

    “At a certain point I think it needs to be up to the students to either study or not study, and review shouldn’t make or break a grade,” senior Grace Combs said. “Most teachers look at fourth quarter as a grade booster but when you have a quiz or test every day in multiple classes it becomes really difficult to keep your grades up.”

    Combs takes 5 AP classes this year and is finding that only now is it difficult to manage all of her work. She works very hard to complete her work but still comes up short sometimes.

    “I think to some degree, review has helped me solidify my knowledge in some subjects, but having constant quizzes every day in multiple classes takes a serious toll on students who are already stressed about a million other things,” Combs said.

    Combs, along with other students, are working very hard to maintain their grades. Overworking the students doesn’t promote good study habitat and causes them to rush and not complete the work to the best of their ability.

    Teachers should take into account that students have other things to do rather than just schoolwork. Many students have jobs to help support their family or have sports games until nine at night. Once teachers realize that students actually can’t complete the work they’re assigned, they’ll be able to adjust their review so it is actually beneficial to the students.