World War II… Part II?


Alex Grosswald, Staff Writer

   Call of Duty World War II has taken the world by storm as copy after copy continues to fly off the shelf. Call of Duty World War II, also referred to as WWII, has established its dominance in the gaming world receiving the honor of the top selling game of this year.

   The average person will be perplexed when hearing that WWII is the top selling game because of the recent hype regarding Fortnite. Although there are potentially more people playing Fortnite than WWII, WWII is still at the top of the best selling list due to the fact that Fortnite was a free download accessible to anybody with online.

   There are numerous reasons that gamers are in love with WWII. The most significant factor for the popularity is the decision they made to go back in time instead of staying futuristic. In other words, instead of making the maps, characters, guns, and campaigns futuristic and unrealistic, they went back and based the game off of an actual infamous event that truly occured in the past.  

   Because the decision was made to base the game of of WWII, the game style had to change to ensure that the gamers would be getting the most “realistic” experience. For the first time, gamers can choose between six different divisions each with different strengths and weaknesses.

   When choosing a division, there are many aspects that a gamer will need to be aware of in order to pick the best one. For example, if a gamer likes close combat and having the ability to move around the map, the infantry division would be the division best suited for that player. If a gamer likes to stay in a certain area of the map and utilize stealth, the mountain division would be best suited for that playing style.

   This is what makes this game incredible and really enjoyable to play. Every player has different guns and skill sets so the gameplay is always different and interesting.