Big Screams on the Big Screen: Horror Movie Report

Big Screams on the Big Screen: Horror Movie Report

Emily Matthews, Staff Writer

    Avid horror movie fans are on the edge of their seats for the upcoming movies reaching the big screen this year. With a mix of both supernatural and psychological, these movies are sure to keep anyone awake at night.

    “Annihilation,” premiering on the 23rd of February, is a movie with Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaac about a group of soldiers and their survival in an environmental disaster zone. These soldiers venture into the unknown to find out what happened to one of their colleagues, and what they find is something no one expects.

    “A Quiet Place,” which is being released at the beginning of April, stars John Krasinski, from the NBC sitcom, “The Office. As the father of a small family, Krasinski’s character keeps everyone in isolation in fear of an unknown evil that lurks around every corner.

    “Hereditary,” a film which has already received a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, is coming out this June. When the grandmother of a family passes away, her daughter begins to discover terrifying secrets about their ancestry. This movie stars Toni Collette, Gabriel Byrne and Alex Wolff.

    Lastly, a film is being created about a well known urban legend: “Slender Man.” The movie is projected to be released sometime in August. Fans of the video game made about the legend are already anticipating this live action portrayal. The movie is set in a small town, where four girls are trying desperately to determine whether the Slender Man is real after one of their friends goes missing.

    Many are unsure about what to expect for these upcoming movies. “I like being scared but I usually can’t stand the bad acting in horror movies. I don’t go out of my way to spend a ton of money at movie theaters to watch something I’ll just be rolling my eyes at the whole time” Reynolds junior Alexis Hurley said. Hopefully with this lineup of new movies, skeptics will change their minds about the horror movie genre.