Where do Reynolds students do their homework?


Sania Williamson, Staff Writer

Have you ever been so distracted when it comes to doing your homework? The location you choose to do it at, has a lot to do with it. Most students would agree that the environment and space around you affects the amount of focus you put into your homework. 

Certain locations have different effects on different people. Especially depending on the type of “vibe” within the location. For example, some students may prefer to do their homework in a loud space with a hyper vibe or some may perform better in a calm environment.

“Honestly, I normally do my homework in my first period,” sophomore Tyler Collins said. “I don’t think it’s easier to do it there, I just don’t like doing homework so I do it when I can.” 

Collins is not the first student who rushes to complete their homework during class. There are plenty of students who are guilty of the same scenario, especially for the same reason. Some students just are not accustomed to doing homework or simply just do not have time.

“I feel like some teachers give too much homework,” junior Antonio Yates said. “It’s hard trying to get it all done, especially when playing sports. I barely have time.”

While some students have all the time in the world, some just do not. Traditionally, homework is school work done at home, however, many of today’s students choose to do this work anywhere but home. There has been a lot of opinions from students who do complete their homework at home. 

Sometimes students say that working at home can be distracting and a procrastination zone. For many “home” is where you are supposed to relax and get away from school. 

While other students believe that home is the best place to do their homework and focus. 

“I like to do my homework at home because there aren’t any distractions like loud students at my house, so I can focus more when I’m by myself,” sophomore Jalen Morgan said.

On the other hand, doing homework at home is the biggest distraction to some kids because it is so easy to get off track. Some of us can admit that when we are in our own personal relaxation space, procrastination can kick in more often.

“I normally do my homework in my room but I get distracted by literally everything,” junior Elle Lovette said. 

Lovette explains how her room is not a productive environment because there is so much more that amuses her interests more than homework.

Is home or school the only place to do homework at and be able to focus? 

“I either do homework at home or I like going to coffee shops,” sophomore Melani Romero said. “I like being at the coffee shop because it’s calming and quiet. Everyone is focused on their own work and there is food.”

Everyone has their own perception of where they like to do homework. It all depends on how well it makes you focus and produce your best work. Getting it done is what counts.