Stu’s Reviews: The Super Bowl


Eagles QB Jalen Hurts (left) and Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes (right) were major playmakers in the game.

Stuart Vaughn, Staff Writer

   “The kick is good!” The announcer shouts as the Chief’s players celebrate, knowing they just took home the 57th super bowl. This was one of the closest-matched super bowls in many years, with terrific commercials and a popular halftime performance by pop star Rihanna. Let’s rewind and review the play. 

    The game started with a bang; both teams scored on their first drive. At this time, all the fans realized how talented these teams were and how close this game would be. There was never a dull moment between the Eagles and Chiefs; they both showed great skill as they traded blows for the rest of the game.  

    From the start, I was ecstatic about all of the commercials. After watching the first few, I knew tons of the cameos and comedy-filled ads would be coming. Off the bat, we were hit with the iconic Michelob ULTRA “new members day” commercial referencing the classic comedy Caddyshack. However, many younger viewers didn’t pick up on this throwback reference. The parents, however, were overwhelmed with laughter. There were multiple celebrity appearances in the commercial featuring tennis player Serena Williams and professional boxer Canelo Alverez. Later on, we would see one of the fan-favorite commercials that stole the show, in my opinion. Pop Corner’s “Breaking Good” commercial had the iconic hit drama/action series Breaking Bad characters promoting their chips with numerous references. Tuco, Jessie, and Walter White were all part of it, getting all the Breaking Bad fans fired up. 

    After a close first half of continuous action, a game-changing play happened that could’ve altered the outcome of Super Bowl 57. Mahomes went down like he had been all night, grabbing the ankle we saw get hurt weeks before. This fall limited his mobility. A hurt ankle is hard enough at quarterback because you’re constantly planting, shuffling, and falling. However, Mahomes is a different breed; his mobility and slippery style of play allowed him to carry on. We all thought he wouldn’t make it this far after the first injury, but he somehow did.

    Next up was the halftime show, starring Rihanna. Rihanna came out, and everyone watching realized she was pregnant. The reveal was outstanding, with great mini performances of some of her biggest hits. One of my personal favorites was “Umbrella.”

   Mahomes jogging back on the field was a sight many did not expect to see. It is a controversy about what they did to him behind the scenes to make him hop back on his feet, but it worked. Mahomes came back to tie it with minutes left. Then… a turnover. They drove down the field to get in field goal range with seconds left and prepared their kicker. The whole Super Bowl came down to this one kick. The ball was snapped, and the kicker booted it right between the posts as the refs signaled the kick was good.