Valentine’s is OUT! Here’s everything you need to hate about it


Xela Harris, Staff Writer

    Valentine’s is a controversial holiday for most people, and I’m on the veto side of it. If my girlfriend is reading this, please know I enjoyed spending the 14th with you. First off, cupid babies are strange. Why are there babies with wings just flying around and shooting people with arrows? Who permitted these babies to withhold weapons, and why do they think it’s okay to shoot people? What if some people don’t desire love? What if these people are shot to love the wrong person, and what if the person they love does not love them back???? I just want to know where these babies’ parents are and if they know their children are committing crimes. These are all things that must be addressed, so here are a few reasons why I’m anti-valentines day.

  1. There should not be any reason why Valentine’s day is the one day out of 365 when we celebrate our significant others (S.O). If you care for your S.O., you should be appreciating and showing appreciation for them every day of your relationship. February 14th, birthdays, and accomplishments should not be the only days when you do/say something nice for your S.O. It’s unfair to the other person(s) and just straight-up weird for what’s supposed to be a secure relationship. 
  2. It’s so problematic. Why are people expected to randomly start buying stuff just because of a day that’s supposed to be about love and not about having six figures? Love is the most valuable thing on the planet and costs zero dollars. I adore gift giving, it’s a great way to show your affection sometimes, but people have made it into a competition. They have been brainwashing each other into thinking that if you do not buy a $12k watch for your S.O. or $800 shoes, then you do not care enough for them. I prefer to receive gifts with more meaning and personal value over gifts that are unnecessarily expensive. It’s all so messed up these days and makes Valentine’s day meaningless for me.
  3. What’s up with all the red and pink? Please just choose a color and make up your mind, people. Have you ever seen what a real heart looks like? I can guarantee you that it’s not all cute red and pink. It’s more like a sort of “The Walking Dead” kind of red and pink; not very pleasing to look at, in my opinion.
  4. It’s so biased when it comes to relationships. Oh, so because someone isn’t in a relationship, they can’t receive or give gifts too? People are allowed to celebrate a holiday like this with friends at the least. Plus, most women believe that February 14th is about them and them only (talk about being self-conceited). Then there’s this idea that guys or masculine presenting people have to be the ones to spoil the women or feminine presenting people. Why can’t it be the other way around or a mutual thing? Valentine’s day has strayed away from what love is supposed to be, it’s materialistic, and most people have become self-absorbed with themselves. If you’re going to make this holiday about your person(s), try not to seem like such a brat!

    Maybe I am overreacting or not that much of a sentimental person. Honestly, I cannot show a genuine reaction when receiving gifts, compliments, or anything in that general area. What do you do or say when someone gives you a gift you don’t like? How do you act normal but excited enough to let the gift giver know that you appreciate the gift when you hate the thought of someone spending a large amount of money and time on you? I’m not that big on receiving gifts or affection if you couldn’t tell. There are various reasons why I hate this holiday, but these are my biggest peeves of it.