Winston’s favorites: Village Juice or Organix

Kimia Ashraf, Staff Writer

The popularity of juice shops and healthy restaurants is on the rise, and they have recently made their way to Winston-Salem after originating in larger cities around the country up to a few years ago. Healthy “aesthetically-pleasing” eats have become a trend across many cities around the world and they are often promoted by online influencers and celebrities alike. Two favorites in town, Village Juice on Stratford Road and Organix Juice Bar on Hawthorne both offer a variety of healthy and delicious options and attract many from all over North Carolina. At Reynolds, students and teachers alike enjoy the options offered around town.

“I like Village Juice,” sophomore Melody Moossavi said, “I don’t go often, but when I do, I usually get a smoothie bowl or a premade juice.”

Smoothie bowls seem to be the most popular at Village Juice, although they have a variety of options that span from full vegan meals to fresh pressed fruits. Organix is also one of Village Juice’s competitors, although their selection is slightly more limited.

“I like both Village Juice and Organix Juice Bar,” Arts Magnet Director Karen Morris said. “They have different things- all very healthy and delicious!”

Student teachers at Reynolds also enjoy the healthy eating joint.

Village Juice is my absolute go-to spot for all things healthy and delicious! I am embarrassed to admit how often I get their acai bowl, but equally obsessed with all of their fresh pressed juice,” student-teacher Maddie Dickens said. “They have recently expanded their franchise, even adding a location to Wake’s campus, making it more convenient and impossible to resist!” Dickens is teaching with Mrs. Kirkland this year.

While Village Juice is better known for its nourishing meals like smoothie bowls, salad bowls, grain bowls, and toast, Organix sells pressed juices. Both companies started small, especially Village Juice, which began selling in a small truck on Reynolda Road near Krankies. They grew from a small selection of pressed fruit juices in the small truck to a mid-sized restaurant, then started expanding their menu.

“I have done a juice cleanse with Organix before and loved it!” Morris said. “Their charcoal lemonade surprised me with its taste and color. I love the salads and smoothie bowls from Village Juice.”

Both companies are quite environmentally friendly as well, with Organix using glass bottles only and Village Juice using compostable bowls for many of their meals. A critique of both menus is that everything offered is on the higher price end, with smoothies and bowls being around $10. This is sometimes a critique of the store, as it makes it difficult for students in high school and college, most of whom earn their own money, to spend this much on these types of meals as they consist mostly of fruit.

Despite their increasing popularity, some students are just not a fan of the food.

“I went twice and did not like it either time,” senior Hayden Jennings said.

Personally, I have visited Organix Juice Bar once and Village Juice several times, and I prefer the latter due to their broad and healthy meal selection. Not only are the meals light and nourishing, there is also a broad range of filling and delicious healthy bites. I usually opt for their Sunset Bowl which consists of blended mangos and strawberries or an avocado toast. Both are wholesome and great options for a midday snack or drink (smaller portions) or as a breakfast/lunch (larger portions). Students and families around the community will definitely be heading back there soon.