Rate the State: Florida

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Rate the State: Florida

Isaac Cooper, Managing Editor

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The United States of America is a ginormous country with 50 states and multiple territories located around the world.  Because of its immense size, people living in different states are geographically separated by each other.  

The development of advanced communication mitigates this effect, but the division between the states is nonetheless still there.  This is why we need an honest guide to our states; and why we must rate the states, starting with the “The Sunshine State.”

   Florida is the only peninsula state.  Along with being a peninsula, it is one land border of the Gulf of Mexico and is home to the southernmost point of the U.S., Key West.  Other notable geographical features of Florida are its mangrove forests, large coastline and big beaches.  It is actually the home of the famous Daytona beach and warm weather.

   “You get to go to the beach alot… the pools are pretty fun… the hotels are nice [too],” sophomore Billy Joe Green said.

   Junior Isabella Mocila lived in Florida for over a decade before moving to North Carolina.  During her time in Florida, Mocila was an avid visitor of Disneyworld and Universal Studios. Moreover, she enjoyed interacting with the plethora of residents this state has to offer, despite the problems of traffic that manifested from the amount of drivers.

   “Florida has the best beaches in the nation,” Mocila said.  “Florida is the vacation spot.  It’s pretty great.

   Despite the great beaches and nice weather associated with The Orange State, there are some negatives that come as a package with the Floridian experience.

   “It’s where good citizenship goes to die, in some places,” RJR alum Caleb Kritchevsky said.  “It’s really humid.  If you don’t like dry stuff, you should go there because it’s really humid.”

   Lastly, Florida, like other states of our union, has produced a fair number of celebrities.  Below are some opinions about such celebrities, like Flo Rida, Jason Derulo, Ariana Grande and Rick Ross.

Flo Rida

“He put out some bangers back in 2010.  He kind of fell off, but he’s a pretty cool guy,” Kritchevsky said.

“That’s my man!” sophomore Jaylen Brown said.

Jason Derulo

“He’s pretty cool… He used to perform at Universal when I went there alot,” Mocila said.

Ariana Grande

“I liked her from that TV show she was on, Victorious,” sophomore Macee Haywood said.

Rick Ross

“M-M-M-Maybach Music,” Kritchevsky enumerated.

“I don’t like his music.  Wasn’t he in jail for a while?” Haywood said.

   Yes, Florida does have really nice beaches, constant warm weather, Universal Studios and the famous Walt Disney World.  However, it is very humid and it has a massive population, making traffic congested at times.

   If you plan on visiting Florida soon, make sure to prepare before your trip.  Listen to Flo Rida, Jason Derulo, Ariana Grande and Rick Ross beforehand, pack bathing suits and sunscreen for the beach and enjoy what seems to be constant Summer down there.