The crew behind the carpet


Photo provided by Keegan Brown

The RJR prom committee prepares for prom.

Keegan Brown, Staff Writer

    The night of March 25th has been on the mind of the prom committee for a long time now and they have a lot of work ahead. This year they are planning to transform the night into a red carpet themed night to remember. Victoria Schmoyer, French teacher at Reynolds and Aimee Falk, ASL teacher at Reynolds are the two masterminds of all things to do with our red carpet, Demon Gala prom this year.

    “We are the ones behind the scenes for prom,” Falk said. “We pick the venue, we pick the menu, we basically are the executors of it.”

    The Prom Committee handles all aspects of prom. There are so many different jobs that go into making prom a memorable night. They supervise and deal with each one of those.

    “Between myself and Ms. Falk we have sort of split up the prom duties where she tends to do more of like the design with the students centerpieces theming and that I tend to work the more logistial side of the chaperoning where things are going,” Schmoyer said. “We both do the ticket sales.”

    Tickets are being sold online and in person this year. Prices will increase as time gets closer and closer to the dance. The separation of duties helps prom come together in a timely manner but as a whole the entire prom committee works with one another to bring the night together. Juniors and seniors on the RJR Prom committee have to apply and be vetted before getting accepted into taking part in activities to plan prom.

    “The students make the posters, design the advertising,” Schmoyer said. “They make centerpieces for the main tables. We decorate the upper level where the dance floor is as well as down by the main area and the ticket areas as well.”

    There is a lot of hard work that gets done in a short amount of time. Splashes of gold, red and black will be the main colors seen in decorations throughout the evening. Both teachers, Falk and Schmoyer care about the students and want to help make prom a special night.

    “It’s just a great experience for students,” Schmoyer said. “They don’t have a chance really at any other time to get all dressed up and have a special night out until prom comes around…It really is sort of a rite of passage.”

    March 25th will be a special night for everyone attending prom. The amount of effort and time put into this event is unmatched.

    “Ms. Schmoyer and I try our best to make it a memorable experience for them,” Falk said. “We want them to go, we want them to have fun and just a break from their everyday stressors just to go be fancy for a night and have the time of their lives.”

    Prom is way more than just a dance. It is a chance to experience something new with your fellow classmates and get to have a night that is unforgettable.

    “What makes it so special is just seeing how much fun the students have,” Falk said. “Especially now that we are back from Covid to see how excited everyone is to kind of feel like their back to normalcy and I just love seeing students have the time of their life.”

    There is a lot to look forward to about prom night because of all the hard work that the RJR prom committee has put into this remarkable event.