Honorable Holdren

Charlie Stoter & Martha Greco, Features Editor & News Editor

As the curtains close on Cheyenne Holdren’s time as a RJ Reynolds High School student, we all look back on the tremendous accomplishments and talent she has added to the demon community. From sports to homecoming court to leadership in clubs, Holdren has impacted our school in many ways. 

 “My greatest impact to RJR would be me just being myself at all times,” Holdren said. “It has allowed me to show leadership in sports teams, clubs, and friendships, as well as opening outlets for people to truly express their inner self and feel comfortable in their own skin.” 

During her time at RJR, Holdren has been a part of various sports teams including junior varsity women’s basketball, varsity women’s lacrosse, and the varsity track and field team. Holdren embodies what it truly means to be a demon. 

“To be a demon is to be a team player,” Holdren said. “Always having everyone in mind when making decisions, working hard even when times get tough, and allowing yourself to reach out if you ever need help in a tough time because our community is so strong and supportive.” 

Not only does Holdren embody what it means to be a demon on the field, but also in our Unified Champions School. Following the COVID pandemic, Holdren returned to school ready to take charge and revive the RJR Diverse Inclusive Demons (D.I.D.) where she was the club’s president her junior and senior year. Being in D.I.D. has allowed Holdren to soar to new heights.

“I plan to continue my impact but truly stick to my true colors,” Holdren said. “I believe that I amsomeone people can always trust or confide in and I believe sometimes that’s all someone needs to feel complete, heard, and seen. Having a comfortable environment allows for conversation and opinions to flow freely which leads to new doors for new experiences.”

During the month of March, women are recognized all over the world. Here at RJR, Holdren stands as an influential female leader who many around her look up to as a role model and inspiration. Holdren reflects on what Women’s History Month means to her.

“Women’s History Month to me is just another month that allows a new door to open, to hear stories from people you never got the chance to speak too,” Holdren said. “As well as a month to showcase hard work we have put in over time. It allows the ‘sit still, and look pretty’ stereotype to be pushed to the side and truly show how strong us as women are.” 

Going forward Holdren plans to continue her legacy and impact many more. 

“My future plans are to attend DCCC and get my cosmetology/esthetician license to then open up my own business where anyone feels welcome to get pampered without losing an arm and a leg, as well as continuing to volunteer with Special Olympics NC,” Holdren said. 

As Holdren graduates from RJR and continues to do great things and inspire many, we will look back on her time as a fellow demon with great pride and sense of achievement.