New York to Winston, classroom to the field, Vuckovich has taken Reynolds by storm


Mr. Vuckovich smiles as he gives advice on Joakim Rose’s assignment.

Stuart Vaughn, Staff Writer

    One of the newest teachers at RJ Reynolds High School, David Vuckovich, arrived at the start of the school year and has already made a huge impact on multiple students. Students are grateful to finally have proper math teachers after last year’s teacher shortage. 

    “I think [Vuckovich] has helped me get back on my feet after not coming back with much last year in Math II,” sophomore Cole Hunt said. 

    This is the same for many other students who dealt with the same thing last year. These students had all of their work online, no teacher, or came from different schools. New teachers like Vuckovich are helping students get back on track. 

    “I think that the teacher shortage is really affecting students’ learning and I hope I can fill a small hole,” Vuckovich said.

    He has an eyes-up-front style of teaching and is personally helping every student when they need it. Many students believe that their teachers in the past have gotten lazy and assigned everything online, but Vuckovich personally checks if everyone is doing the right thing. 

    “I like how Mr. Vuckovich actually teaches everyone, instead of putting everything that we have to do on delta math and desmos,” sophomore Alice Neelon said. 

    Not only is he already helping out the school and the students in the classroom, but he is also playing a big role outside of campus. You can catch him at all of the Junior Varsity and Varsity soccer games working on the sidelines when Coach Sabio needs him. 

    “I don’t think that we’ve had a home game this season where I haven’t seen him going to work,” sophomore and JV soccer player, Gabriel Bullock said. 

    Overall, everyone that has run into Vuckovich  this year has felt his positive energy. Everyone is grateful for everything he is doing as far as leading his students onto the right path in the classroom, helping out with RJR athletics, and being a great role model.