Meet Sania, the RJR 2021 Homecoming Queen!


Photo provided by Sania Williamson

Lia Blackard, Editor-In-Chief

And your RJ Reynolds 2021 homecoming queen is… Sania Williamson! 

Ever since Williamson was a freshman, she wanted to become homecoming queen. She wasn’t sure if it was the attraction of the title or the status quo it held that made her long for it, but she knew she wanted to prove that she could accomplish something big. Now, her motivation was the idea that she could tell her kids she was queen and how she accomplished it. 

When they called her name, all of her hard work over the years leading up to this moment had paid off. She was overwhelmed with emotions. 

“You know how you get on the biggest roller coaster and you spend the first few seconds of anticipation as you ride to the top, and then even more fright as you sit on the very tip, right before you drop… and then you drop,” Williamson said. “Everything falls to the bottom of your stomach but you feel so alive. That was the exact excitement. Speechless. I was so nervous the moment before. It was like a weight was lifted off of me the moment my name was announced. I honestly wanted to hug every person who voted for me. I don’t really know how to explain the exact feeling but it was one I’ll never forget. I was just so happy and living in the moment. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Photo provided by Sania Williamson

Becoming homecoming queen takes a lot and requires a candidate who has made a huge impact on the school. Williamson has been able to do just this. 

“I think above all my impact on RJR would be my willingness to help and encourage others followed by the hard work and dedication put into myself and RJR while making everyone feel inclusive,” Williamson said. “It would also be my work ethic in regards to the classroom, any athletics, dance concerts, etc; I believe it all shows my patriotism towards Reynolds.”

Williamson embodies what it means to be a demon and has made RJR feel like home. She has so much love for the school.

“I love my RJR family, and I think anyone who meets me can feel my genuine spirit and see the passion and devotion I have towards RJR,” Williamson said. 

This year’s homecoming court was one of the best Reynolds has had. The court was not only a diverse group of seniors but they were also supportive of each other.

“All of the girls were very supportive, it didn’t feel like a ‘competition’. It was super fun and very family-oriented,” Williamson said. “We made sure each other looked and felt good, I definitely enjoyed sharing the field with those ladies.”

Photo provided by Sania Williamson

Homecoming queen is not the only way to define Williamson. She is the captain of the cheerleading squad, captain of the softball team, and the former vice president of the Ebony Society. Also, her favorite subject in school is African American studies.

While Williamson is the only person in her blood-related family to win homecoming queen, she was able to follow in her close friend’s footsteps.

“[H]er name is Harolynn “Herm” Holmes,” Williamson said. “She won homecoming queen here at Reynolds back in 2006. We aren’t related but she’s basically family. She’s known me since I was about 8 years old and has made a huge impact on my life! It was definitely an honor to walk in her footsteps, literally.” 

Williamson is a loved member of the RJR community and our proud homecoming queen! Congratulations, Sania!