Senior Feature: McCray White


Photo provided by McCray White

Caroline McConnico, Staff Writer

High school is supposed to be the most magical four years of your life. A time for you to meet great people and learn more about yourself. For senior McCray White, high school has been just that. 

“I will cherish my high school experiences for the rest of my life,” White said. “I have become so close with the most amazing people during my time at Reynolds and have learned so much from all of them.” 

As the student body president, a member of SGSC, a player for the field hockey team and a member of A Capella, White has been a huge part of the Reynolds community. 

“She is so good at listening to the concerns of students and then actually fixing the problem,” senior Amelia Thomas said. “It is rare to find someone who actually acts on their promises.”

Thomas, one of White’s closest friends, says that White’s work ethic mixed with her impulsive creativity is what has made her so great at being both a leader and friend. 

“McCray has an insane work ethic. She is really humble and people don’t really know how great her work ethic is,” Thomas said. “McCray is also very spontaneous. She will come up with the most fun ideas on the spot and then make them happen.”

Thomas’ and White’s friendship blossomed sophomore year when they started doing A Capella together. According to Thomas, their friendship has meant more to her than words can express.

“McCray is the best friend anyone could ask for. McCray brings happiness and life to everyone around her,” Thomas said. “There are some friends that will be in your life forever, and McCray is definitely one of mine.”

Beyond high school, White has plans to spend the next four years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill along with Thomas. 

“I am so excited to be attending UNC Chapel Hill in the fall. I plan to major in Journalism,” White said. “I have always enjoyed creative writing and expressing my feelings on paper. I look forward to the writing skills that I will develop in college.”

Although White is moving on to her next chapter, she will always remember the moments at Reynolds that have shaped her into the person she is today. 

“I would advise underclassmen to be patient and learn to appreciate every single moment, both the good and the bad,” White said. “These are some of the best days of our lives, so we should soak it up and enjoy it.”