Senior feature: Tyrese Smith

Jeda Lee, Op/Ed Editor

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When you are walking down the hallways of R.J. Reynolds, you may have crossed paths with Tyrese Smith, aka “Milk [Dud].” Say “Hi,” and he may not hear you because he usually has his AirPods in.

Smith plans on going to UNC Chapel Hill and is excited to start a new chapter of his life.

“What excites me the most about the future is that as a society we are progressively heading towards a tolerant world were we can learn to love each other,” Smith said.

Not only is Smith smart, he is also a man of many achievements and hobbies. He is in The National Honor Society, the RJR drumline, French club, NSHSS, Tri M Music Honors Society and he previously played football. He is also an exquisite clarinet player, as he is a first chair clarinet player in the RJR Wind Ensemble.

Over the years, Smith has experience all RJR has to offer and so far he has enjoyed some aspects of it.

“Reynolds has been a great experience filled with new faces, ideas and culture,” Smith said.

But did you know he is a comedian? Many say Smith is the funniest person they know.  He is always bringing much needed light and laughter to Reynolds.

One thing Smith known for is never giving up, which is evident in his advice for rising high school students.

“My advice is that if you play stupid games you win stupid prizes,” Smith said.