Senior feature: Sam Cashwell

Jeda Lee, Op/Ed Editor

Drum major, fine musician and overall great person are just some of the things Sam Cashwell is known for.

Friends of Cashwell would describe her as a compassionate, caring and hardworking person. During the past four years of high school Cashwell as become accustomed to the high school life. High school is different for everyone but a learning experience to all.

“It has been wacky to be honest. The past four years have been interesting and not always great but I would not trade it for a picture perfect high school experience,” Cashwell said. “I think all the different people I have met have really helped me grow and heal and have changed my outlook for the better.”

If you have ever been to a Reynolds football game, you have probably seen Cashwell on the band podium. As the drum major of the RJR marching band, Cashwell has exhibited exceptional leadership.

“Marching band was super important to me for the past four years,” Cashwell said. “I’m glad I did it and I hope I brought something to the band.”

High school can be tough for many, and while Cashwell is no expert, she is pretty close to it, as she balances her life in the arts with an exceptional academic record.

“My advice would be regardless of what your counselors and parents say don’t take a ‘jillion’ ap classes, Cashwell said. “Take what you know you can handle and make good grades in (while still being challenged). Your mental health and social life are just as important as school!”