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Luna Lands Teacher of the Year

Jack Peatross, Staff Writer

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By Jack Peatross

When Fakhira Luna won teacher of the year nobody was surprised. Around Reynolds, Luna is known as a caring, kind, loving and humble person. Luna was honoured to receive this award but did not expect to win the award.

   “I feel honored and humbled to have been selected as teacher of the year. I don’t believe I am deserving of such an honor,” Luna said. “I work with so many amazing teachers, so I was surprised to have been selected as one of the finalist, and to have won it, was just shocking.”

   Luna, an AP world history and honors world history teacher who has been teaching here at Reynolds for six years achieved an award every teacher at Reynolds tries to obtain. The teacher who is chosen for teacher of the year is a teacher who shows leadership, has a easy and functional learning environment, and shows passion about his or her job.

   “Mrs. Luna deserves teacher of the year because of her kindness in and out of the classroom,” Freshman student Charlie Hennenburg stated, “She helps students achieve their greatest potential and be the best person they can be.”

   By making class interactive and upbeat Luna helps the students appreciate learning. Luna does a great job at always having something to do or having an activity for the students to keep them busy.

   “Everyday there is always a great assignment in class,” Past Honors World History student Anthony Bridges said. “Her classes were always fun to go to and be in.”

   Luna’s co-workers were ecstatic when they heard the good news.

   “Mrs. Luna is well deserving of this award because she challenges herself outside of her comfort zone.” Amy Bith Harlee said. “We went to the collaborative teaching fellowship meeting at the North Carolina museum of Arts and I learned how hard of a worker she is.”

   She is also known by her co-workers to be kind and caring to everyone she comes across. Teachers in the history building like Dr. Harlee see that more often than others.

   “Mrs. luna is brilliant, funny and supportive to all of her co-workers.” Harlee said.

   Not many can be a teacher, to be a teacher you have to love the kids and be willing to have patience. You have to be able to want to help every single student grow as a person and as a student.

   “I look forward in continuing to impact the lives of my students in a positive way. I hope to give my students the global perspective and inspire in becoming citizens of their communities,” stated Luna. “Teaching is my calling, and I see myself in this field until I am too old to do it any longer!”

   Having been named this school years teacher of the year Luna is looking forward to the rest of her career at Reynolds and cannot wait to see what the next years have in store for her teaching career.

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Luna Lands Teacher of the Year