Senior Feature: Garrett Fisch

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Senior Feature: Garrett Fisch

John Paynter, Staff Writer

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Excelling on and off the athletic field is not something you hear of too often. However, for Garrett Fisch, it has been a common theme throughout his four years at Reynolds.

At 6”5’, Fisch dominates the baseball field with an all-conference title under his belt. Not only did he bring in hardware for RJ Reynolds, but he also acquired the Matthew Allen Gfeller Memorial Scholarship.

“Garrett was always a fun student to have,” said AP U.S. History teacher, Mr. Clevenger. “He was a natural leader in the classroom, but he was also not afraid to have fun.”

When asked for one word to describe Fisch, Clevenger said discipline, followed by a light chuckle.

“I have grown a lot in the past four years,” said Fisch. “I have gotten a lot smarter, and grown immensely in my height, however it has gotten a lot harder to sit in desks.”

Whether it is humor, education, or athletics, Fisch has mastered it. Attending Wake Forest in the fall, Garrett plans to set himself up for a great future.

“I want to have fun, but I mostly want to learn a lot in college,” Fisch added. “That way I can get my degrees and have a good future.”

In and out of the classroom, Garrett reflects on a successful past four years with many accomplishments. He expressed lots of excitement for his future at Wake Forest.

“Once a demon, always a demon.” Fisch added.