Senior Feature: Campbell Turner

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Senior Feature: Campbell Turner

Hill Douglas, Managing Editor

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It is no coincidence that Campbell Turner won the “Most Likely to be President” superlative in the yearbook this year. Hoping to make a career out of politics, Turner plans to attend the University of Virginia in the fall, where he will study foreign affairs and government.

“UVA is in a different state closer to D.C., which is good for my interest in government,” said Turner. “It has a lot of great programs for what I’m interested in.”

To put himself on a fast track to Washington D.C., he is also considering applying for an accelerated masters program, where he could graduate in five years with both a bachelors and a masters degree.

Throughout high school Turner has involved himself in a plethora of political endeavors, comprising an impressive resume.

“I work on DD Adams’ campaign, and I’m also helping to elect Leah Crowley to the school board in District,” said Turner.

Turner has also spent time interning in the offices of North Carolina Representative Virginia Foxx and Senator Thom Tillis. Perhaps his most impressive accomplishment so far though is the website he started to give American youth a platform to discuss politics.

“I created an organization called BiPolitics,” said Turner. “It’s basically an online publication for students around the country to publish their political beliefs.”

On the growing BiPolitics website, over 50 student writers represent 21 states and four countries. The organization is excelling at embodying it’s slogan, “Fostering civic engagement students through political discussion.” If you wish to learn more about BiPolitics, you can join over thousands people in following the organization on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Turner’s newest political endeavor is in its nascent stages, as he attempts to start an interest group with fellow RJR demons Martha Dean and Nupur Shah.

“We are starting the National Youth Lobby, which is essentially an interest group working to advance the political status of the American youth,” said Turner. “We’re planning a meeting for next year and recruiting representatives from schools across the country.

While most of Turner’s extracurriculars in high school have been political endeavors outside of Reynolds, he was also president of the National Honors Society, and Co-President of the Chinese Club and Habitat for Humanity Club. Turner also participated in cross-country and track for a few years.

“I was faster than John Tatter when I ran cross-country and track,” said Turner. “I realized I was too fast so I had to quit this year.”

This year Turner decided to devote his free time to enhancing his political image.

“Basically my philosophy is if you don’t enjoy something don’t waste your time doing it,” said Turner. “I get bored easily, so I funnel all my energy into different political endeavors because that’s what I enjoy doing.”

Turner’s go get it political mentality translates to the realm of Fortnite as well, another one of his favorite past times.

“I’m not a reserved Fortnite player. I do usually make a reserved landing at Salty Springs to gather up good loot and maximize my weapon load up, but from then on I don’t hide in bushes or anything. I like to get my kills up,” said Turner.

Whether it’s in his political involvement, his studies at the University of Virginia, or even in Fortnite, Campbell Tuner will definitely make the most of it. Remember the name, because you might just see it again on the 2036 presidential ballot.