Senior Feature: Matthew Meyers

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Senior Feature: Matthew Meyers

Ben Westcott, Staff Writer

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Senior Matthew Meyers is known by his friends, teammates, classmates and others as a cheerful, friendly and funny individual who is artistically, athletically and academically talented. Throughout his eight semesters as a Reynolds student, Meyers has positively impacted everyone around him through his many active endeavors in his community and at Reynolds.

His high academic marks and commitments like lacrosse and guitar have allowed him to attend his dream school, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in the fall.

“I chose to attend [UNC] because it’s always been my dream school, it offers high level education for a good cost, and to continue my family legacy,”  says Meyers.

Although he has many good memories from his time at Reynolds, Meyers is excited to start his first semester at UNC.

“I am planning to study business and economics or psychology as a track to law school,” says Meyers.

During his time at Reynolds, Meyers was in the Key Club, National Honors Society and Crosby Scholars. He also played Reynolds lacrosse for four years and by his junior year, he was facing off on the varsity team.

“I started playing lacrosse fairly late at age 15. My strength and body type naturally took me to the face off position soon after I started,” says Meyers.

Playing Reynolds lacrosse had opened many other opportunities to improve his skill.

“I have played in recreational leagues such as the Triad Blackhawks, and more competitively with Triad Elite,” says Meyers.

Although he began playing lacrosse freshman year, the time he has spent playing has made him a talented lacrosse player.

“Whether Matthew is at practice or winning and losing faceoffs in a game, he is always learning how he can be better,” says Jack Landers, Meyer’s teammate and close friend.

Meyers is also well known around the community for his talents on the guitar. He started playing when he was five years old and is still playing today. Throughout his time playing the guitar, Meyers has learned how to play advanced music in many different genres and styles.

“I play all types of guitar like rock, jazz and bluegrass though I first learned how to play classical, which is my primary play style,” says Meyers.

Although his friends and peers see him in classes or play with him on the lacrosse field, he can always be found in one place at any time. Meyers is known by students from Reynolds and other surrounding high schools as “Social Media King” through his Twitter page. Meyers posts pictures, videos and short text blurbs that many high school students find funny.

“Matthew’s Twitter will never fail to make me laugh,” says Landers.

Although Meyers will be leaving Winston and attending UNC this fall, he will be remembered for his positive impact on his friends, classmates, teammates, and the rest of his community.

“My favorite memories of Reynolds will always be the people, whether it be faculty or students,” says Meyers.