Senior Feature: Colin Ogburn

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Senior Feature: Colin Ogburn

Alex Grosswald, Staff Writer

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Colin Ogburn is the most interesting man in the world despite what commercials say. His childhood in Winston Salem was thoughtless and simple.

“I didn’t have any video games as a kid but I had a stick I used to play with” Ogburn said.

Ogburn has been described by his friends as fun-loving, sympathetic and extremely down to earth. Ogburn stated that he tries to fit in at least 30 minutes of meditation a day just to relax and think about things.

“I’m thinking about something else right now… it’s making me smile,” Ogburn said.

Ogburn is known around the school as a big-time shopper. He tends to shop for musical instruments, kitchen utensils, and baby clothes. He told me about the time he found the cutest baby shirt and how happy he was when he bought it.

“I just saw it and was like, I got to have it,” Ogburn said.

Ogburn is not only a very avid shopper, but he also has a mature palate. He loves food from all over the world. He says he’s eaten food on every continent but he’s never eaten in outer space.

“I have never had astronaut food, but I have had astronaut ice cream and am not a fan,” Ogburn said.  

Ogburn is very open minded to new ideas, people, and cultures. He often compares his values and morals with the new people he meets. He is always wanting to learn and be inspired by new influences and he likes to see how different people from different cultures coexist.

“Different strokes for different folks. However you can force people to change their strokes,” Ogburn said.

Ogburn is attending Belmont University and he is looking to go into the music industry. He wants to leave his legacy with one final piece of advice: “I like cheese… If you know what that means”.