Kate Quadland: Leading the Pack


Photo provided by Robert Hill

Thomas Hunter, Staff Writer

Kate Quadland is someone you’ve undoubtedly seen around campus or in a sports game during your time at Reynolds. Her time at RJ Reynolds has been spent through countless hours of practice, achieving success in a plethora of different sports throughout the years. Her involvement in these sports have shaped her in multiple ways throughout her highschool career.

“Sports have played a huge role in my character development,” Kate Quadland said. “Starting freshman year I was challenged with three varsity sports, schoolwork and other activities so my time management was extremely important. My work ethic has greatly helped me through high school to manage all that I am doing, I love all of the sports that I play, so it has only helped me grow!” 

All student athletes know that during their season, getting in all of their schoolwork on time is a challenge in  and of itself. Add to that the hardship that playing a sport puts on the body and mind, and how much time one has to dedicate to the sport and their studies, student athletes are rarely left with much free time to do with what they please. During COVID-19 this is even more true, as students who play multiple sports this year are often having to overlap their seasons. 

“Playing multiple sports every year is hard physically because there isn’t a break,” Quadland said. “However this year it has definitely been a challenge because of COVID, this year I had a couple weeks where I was playing three sports in the same week because they overlap, it has been slightly difficult getting all of the practices in without missing anything, but honestly I have loved how busy I have been, it has been an adjustment because I was so used to freetime from quarantine this summer, but keeping myself busy with sports, school and a cappella has been fun this year, with minimal stress luckily.”  

When an athlete sticks with their highschool sport for long enough, they can become a leader on the team.  For most this is when they become a senior. As one of the oldest members on a team, younger athletes look up to you for advice and guidance. Usually when one becomes a senior athlete there are a few others around you on the team, however in some circumstances one is left on their own as the only senior on a team. 

“Being the only senior on the lacrosse team is actually much different than I thought,” Quadland said. “I thought I would notice that I was the only senior, but it hasn’t been too different, through the years on this team I was never with many other players in my grade, so this year is pretty similar, I enjoy being the only senior because I love the lower classmen and this just gives me more chances to hang out with them!” 

While some athletes tend to focus on their respective sport, some athletes are also involved in extracurriculars which give them a chance to focus on something else for a change. This is especially true in Quadland’s case. Being involved in multiple sports each year is a lot to handle on its own, but add to that being an active member of the A Cappella program for four years, and you build quite the reputation. 

“I have been a part of RJR A Cappella all four years of highschool,” Quadland said. “I have adored the program and everyone involved, at RJR arts is very special and unique because so many talented singers are able to produce such great music together and I have loved it, I have been the business manager for three years, which again has been a large time commitment but I wouldn’t have it any other way, it’s been so much fun leading a program as well as singing with a great group of people.”  

After highschool ends, many student athletes hang up their cleats and end their sporting career. However, some continue their love for athletics in a multitude of ways. Whether it be varsity level college sports, intramural teams or simply running or going to the gym, these athletes never give up their passion for what they love. For Quadland, keeping up with the sports she has played throughout the years after graduating is definitely a part of her plan.

“I plan to continue to participate in these sports,” Quadland said. “Luckily running is something I can do wherever and whenever, so I am excited to continue that, and I have a ton of older friends that love to just throw around a lacrosse ball, and I also know that colleges have intramural basketball and lacrosse teams, which could be really fun to be a part of!”  

With all the extracurriculars and sports going on in her life, Kate Quadland has given so much of her time to Reynolds. Being a leader in almost everything she does, she has had lots of influence on many people at the school during her time at RJR.