Streaming is the new spectating


Photo provided by Allison Boyd

Allison Boyd, Staff Writer

Sports during the pandemic have posed many challenges. One of these was how to safely allow spectators at sporting events. Currently, there are limits on in-person spectators but family and friends also have the option to stream games online. 

We are limited to 25 people inside and 100 outside,” Athletic Director Brad Fisher said. 

COVID-19 limitations have definitely affected the environment of games. Stands are no longer allowed to be packed with fans cheering on RJR, which can affect a team’s momentum and spirits throughout the game. Sophomore basketball player Abigail Rice has experienced this unusual environment in her games this season.

The main effect of spectator limits is the odd atmosphere,” Rice said. “At away games, only your bench and coaches are cheering for you. Everyone else wants you to lose.”

While there are negatives to the limits on spectators, some positives have also come out of the challenging situation. Online streaming has turned out to be a great benefit that both fans and athletes are learning to love.

“The online streaming has exceeded my expectations, it does a great job of following the action,” Rice said. “An unexpected blessing of streaming is that my extended family in Florida have been able to watch my games for the first time. They sometimes send funny videos of them cheering me in from afar!”

The streaming service allows for families and friends to watch all games from the safety of their homes. It is available through a subscription that can either be purchased monthly or yearly and a percentage of the payment goes to support WSFCS athletics. Getting a subscription is a great option for families who have athletes playing sports and want to be able to watch their games.

We have a camera in Bryson Gym, and one at Deaton Thompson,” Fisher said. “The one at Bolton should be up and live by Feb. 10 or so. These were installed by the school system and a group called National Amateur Sports. We’ve gotten so much positive feedback from parents. They really like it since away fans have not been able to attend games.”

This subscription is also worthwhile to have even past COVID-19. Reynolds will continue to stream games even after the pandemic.

These cameras are in for good,” Fisher said. “It will be great for grandparents or other family that don’t live in Winston. Or for the parent that has to work, they can watch on their phone.”


Online streaming will make watching games much more accessible for more people, during and after the pandemic for years to come.