Demon football looks forward after their loss


Laura Doughton and Katie Mohr

On Friday, September 6, the RJ Reynolds football team returned to Deaton Thompson Stadium for their first home game of the season against the Pinecrest Patriots. 

Within the first minute of the game, the Patriots returned the Demons fumble for the first touchdown of the game. It did not take long for the Demons to catch up. They kept their heads up and junior Tyriek Leach was able to run the ball 30 yards for the first Demon touchdown.

At the end of the first quarter the Demons trailed 14-7. The Patriots held a strong defense, only allowing one more Demon touchdown for the remainder of the game. 

After the Patriots scored their fourth touchdown, the Demons lost their momentum and fell to the Patriots 52-14.

One player who stood out was senior Paul Matheson. During the second quarter, Matheson scored his first touchdown of the year for the Demons. 

“It felt really good,” Matheson said. He also explained how he and his teammates were going to use this game as motivation for next week’s match up against Mount Tabor.

“We’ll all show up to practice and we’re all very motivated. We’re ready to work,” Matheson said.

Coach Tyler Billings thought the team worked hard but needed to focus on “playing together as a team for the entire game.”

While the Demons were putting up their best fight on the field, students were cheering them on from the stands. The Rowdies were decked out in red, white and blue for America night. 

Rowdies president and senior Hugh Bray tried to keep the energy up in the student section.

“If our team is losing, the only way we can help is to continue to cheer and I really just try to have fun with it,” Bray said.

Football games serve as a place for friends to hang out outside of school, while still supporting the Demons.

“I get to see people I don’t have classes with and meet new people,” sophomore Grayson Russell said. “It’s really fun!” 

Bray hopes that more students continue to come out and support the Demons.

“I just want kids to have some fun after a long week of school and blow off some steam,” Bray said. “And there isn’t anything much better than Friday night under the lights!”

The Demons return to Deaton Thompson on September 13 where they will take on the Mt. Tabor Spartans.