Rhoades runs the field

Harrison Hickman, Staff Writer

In terms of women’s sports at RJ Reynolds high school, there is no bigger sport than the women’s soccer team. As the girls soccer team continues to win games and take titles, they are led by their star striker and junior captain Ashley Rhoades.

Rhoades has played soccer before her time at Reynolds with the Twins City Soccer club. Rhoades began playing for the Reynolds when she was a freshman, and has continued to play ever since. Rhoades has moved up in the ranks on the team and has established herself as one of the de facto leaders, despite not being a senior. Rhoades’ talent has set her apart from the rest of the team as she has become one of the best players on the team as a junior.

Rhoades’ impactful play has helped the team to win many close games against big conference rivals. Her talent allows her to play multiple positions that the team needs her to pick up in order to win games.

“I have played right and center attacking, as well as striker, but I switch around between right mid and striker the most” Rhoades said.

The team has also supported Rhoades through the highs and lows of the game and have acted like mentors to her throughout her time at Reynolds. Rhoades has also been impacted by her team this year.

“This years team atmosphere has been the best I have ever been apart of,” Rhoades said.

“Everyone is so supportive and we have truly become a family, not just during soccer but at school and outside of school” Rhoades said.

It is safe to say that the team has had a huge impact on Rhoads’ playing and her personality around the team.

Rhoades also gathers support from her friends outside of the team such as junior Isabelle Ginn.

“It is fun to watch the team and especially Ashley play soccer, she gives her all on the field on every play,” Ginn said.

The team has become very influential in Rhoades’ social life as well as her soccer life.

“The team has become very important to me especially this year, we are all very close and it makes playing the game more fun,” Rhoades said.

As the girls team gears up for postseason play, Rhoades will once again elevate her game and propel the team to victory.

Photo courtesy of Robert Hill Photography