Superbowl LII

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Superbowl LII

Jack Holbrook, Staff Writer

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By Jack Holbrook

America’s largest and most highly anticipated sporting event of the year is set to kick off on the first Sunday of February in Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium.  Over 100 million Americans are projected to tune in to watch two of the best NFL teams compete in the 53rd Super Bowl for the Lombardi Trophy.

   Currently, two teams remain from each conference.  The American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC).  The New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs will represent the AFC, while the Los Angeles Rams and New Orlean Saints will represent the NFC.  

   This is the first time in three years that all four teams in the conference championship rounds consist of only one and two seeds, with the Chiefs and Saints being the one seeds and Patriots and Rams being the two seeds.

   As far as dominant and likely favorites this year, the Saints are the forefront of the conversation.  The Saints finished with 13 wins and three losses on the regular season, tied for the best record in football this year with the Las Angeles Rams.  Saints Veteran quarterback Drew Brees is leading the way with an MVP worthy season throwing for 35 touchdowns and just five interceptions, and surpassing Peyton Manning for most passing yards all time this year.  

   Junior Trevon Bethea believes another team will be lifting the trophy this year.

     “I think the New England Patriots are going to win the Super Bowl because they have the best quarterback right now,” [Tom Brady], Bethea said   

   Brady has won five Super Bowls, three league MVPs and has led the Patriots to the conference championship round eight years in a row.

   Although everyone hopes for a great game, The Super Bowl is not solely about football for many students and teachers at Reynolds.  It is a tradition for many families and friends to gather and enjoy food and fun.

   Junior Quise Benton is excited for the Super Bowl festivities.  

   “We have a Super Bowl party with family and friends every year,” Benton said. “We will have pizza, wings, and chips.”

   Reynolds football coach, and sports marketing teacher, Jay Blair has annual traditions for the Super Bowl as well.  

   “We get 200 Buffalo Wild Wings, Asian Zing and Honey Barbeque, watch the game, and throw back some sweet tea,”  Blair said.

   Another reason for tuning into this year’s Super Bowl, is the halftime performance which will be featuring musical stars including pop band Maroon Five and rappers Travis Scott and Big Boi.  

   “I can’t wait for the show,” senior Ian Creech said.  “Travis Scott is one of my favorite rappers.” Many enjoy the performance because they believe it adds a much needed break between some intense football.

   While the game is enjoyable for fans, this game is all business for the players.  It is not often that a player reaches this game, therefore you can expect a very physical and high-powered approach game from both sides in this Super Bowl LII matchup.

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