Hill’s Hot Takes: Curry vs. the King

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Hill’s Hot Takes: Curry vs. the King

Stuart Leung

Stuart Leung

Stuart Leung

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The NBA’s All-Star Weekend is almost here, but there are some significant changes to the all star game this year. As usual, a 12-man roster is comprised of the best players in the Eastern Conference, and another for the best players of the Western Conference. Then, the two leading vote-getters from each conference, Stephen Curry and LeBron James, get to draft players out of the other 22 chosen for their team, without regard for conference affiliation.

This year’s rosters are as follows:

Team LeBron –

Player Conference All Star Game Appearance
LeBron James (Captain) East 14th
Anthony Davis (Starter) West 5th
Kevin Durant (Starter) West 9th
Kyrie Irving (Starter) East 5th
Paul George (replaces injured starter DeMarcus Cousins) West 5th
LaMarcus Aldridge West 6th
Victor Oladipo East 1st
Bradley Beal East 1st
Kristaps Porzingis East 1st
Russell Westbrook West 7th
Andre Drummond (replaces injured John Wall) East 2nd
Goran Dragic (replaces injured Kevin Love) East 1st

Team LeBron lost three injured players after picking the teams, which is extremely unfortunate. As always though, there are a number of qualified options to replace them. Paul George, perhaps the largest snub from the original all star cut, deservingly got the first spot open when DeMarcus Cousins went down with injury.


Team Stephen –

Player Conference All Star Game Appearance
Stephen Curry (Captain) West 5th
Giannis Antetokounmpo (Starter) East 2nd
Demar Derozan (Starter) East 4th
Joel Embiid (Starter) East 1st
James Harden (Starter) West 6th
Jimmy Butler West 4th
Draymond Green West 3rd
Al Horford East 5th
Damian Lillard West 3rd
Kyle Lowry East 4th
Klay Thompson West 4th
Karl Anthony-Towns West 1st

Team Curry has an advantage in terms of injury, as all original players are still healthy. While team LeBron has more 1st year all stars, Team Curry is still younger as a whole, with James Harden being the most experienced all star.

As an incentive for players to play a little harder in the All-Star game, the incentive for winning has been raised from $50,000 to $100,000. This increased incentive should surely make the all star game more entertaining.

My Predictions –

All Star Game Winner – Team Curry

All Star Game MVP – James Harden

Dunk Contest Winner – Dennis Smith Jr.

Three Point Contest Winner – Devin Booker

Skills Challenge Winner –  Lou Williams