Gettin’ down with the D.BOYS

Duncan Brown, Sports Editor

    The arts are a sphere at RJ Reynolds that is increasingly successful every year. Many artists go unnoticed, though, or may not be known for various reasons they don’t have control over.    

Mr. Dona the producer/songwriter getting a still shot.
(Photos provided by Dona Asumani (via D.BOYS social media)

    However, the D.BOYS, a Bongo Flava Gospel hybrid group, has amassed thousands upon thousands of views on YouTube, along with their impressive channel that is just shy of three thousand subscribers and continues growing. Bongo Flava is a Tanzanian music genre inspired by American R&B and has its own Swahili spin.  The D.BOYS look to get their names out there as they quickly change the game.

    The group consists of Beka, the producer, MK Amani, the director, and Mr. Dona, the producer/songwriter. They got their start in 2018 after they found common ground for creating while experimenting with different methods to create a unique sound.

    “We all loved recording things, trying to put things on YouTube,” sophomore and D.BOYS member Dona Asumani said. “Each member of their team is also unique in their own way with their own impressive talents. MK Amani wants to get into directing and Dona into a musical career, while Beka wants to find another avenue to showcase his production skills.”  

MK Amani the director getting a still shot.

    Although the group is unique in its own ways, they all share one uniting thing: music, especially their non-conformist style which represents their African roots. 

    “We have different plans, but we can always meet on music,” Asumani said.

    The D.BOYS’ love for music is evident in everything they do, especially in their songs, which consist of fun beats and unique sounds. 

    “We just love the sensation of creating music,” Dona said. “We love people to enjoy what we do. Feel the music and the sound, and get the message through the music.”

    Asumani and the D.BOYS have been inspired by their supporters and implore for further support. The D.BOYS are breaking boundaries and making strides each day at a time. The D. BOYS ability to overcome obstacles and create musical masterpieces of topics they are passionate about should serve them well into their futures. You can find their YouTube channel under the name D.BOYS.