Sticks up for the new season


Photo provided by Keegan Brown

The RJR women’s lacrosse team together after winning the conference tournament in 2022.

Keegan Brown, Staff Writer

    The countdown is on for the start of the season for the RJ Reynolds women’s lacrosse team. Preseason workouts are a go, and students are preparing for tryouts in February.

    “The whole idea of our preseason workouts and practices and stuff is really just to build a better sense of teamwork,” Head Coach Sam Short said. “We just want to build the mojo and get everyone on the same page before we actually start hammering in the hard stuff.”

    Right now, preseason practices are every Saturday at 10 am. Preseason practices help the team regain skills and get ready to take on what’s to come.

    “The biggest thing everybody should get out of it is just getting the dust off of their sticks,” Short said. “We keep telling the girls that we prefer that the first time they touch their sticks not be the first day of tryouts.”

    Adelaide Merrick is a sophomore at RJR, and this will be her first year trying out for the team. She is excited about the season and likes what preseason workouts offer.

    “It’s good to learn how to play the sport before the season,” Merrick said.

    Tryouts are coming up and will be in February this year. The program is made up of a Varsity and JV team. The varsity team has roughly 24 players, and JV is between 16 and 18.

    “Everybody wants to win, but more importantly, everybody is just having fun and when you have that attitude of we’re just gonna go out there, and we’re just gonna have the time of our lives, everything tends to work out better,” Short said.

    They are close teammates on and off the field. They spend time together, and bond during team dinners and post-Saturday practice bagel station runs. Junior Millie Powers has played since her freshman year. 

    “My favorite thing about playing Reynold[s] lacrosse are the teammates and the environment,” Powers said. “We are always pushing to make each other better, and we have a strong competitive attitude that makes playing on the team so much fun.”

    The women’s lacrosse team had a fantastic season last year with an 18-5 record (11-1 in conference) and a conference championship win over West Forsyth. Short wants her players to have fun and enjoy playing and has big plans for the team this upcoming season. 

    “I want to win our conference out right this year,” Short said. “Last year, we had to share it, and this year we are gonna win it.”

    There are high hopes for this upcoming season, and you won’t want to miss out.