Eight year football coach, Pat Crowley resigns from Reynolds


Photo provided by Robert Hill – Crowley talks to the refereess as he gets ready for the game against Mt. Tabor.

Stuart Vaughn, Staff Writer

    It’s a random post-season school day when all of a sudden all of the football player’s phones go off as they first hear the heartbreaking news that their head coach, Pat Crowley is retiring from a long career at R.J. Reynolds High School. 

   “Football was such a big part of my life… Now I don’t know how it’s going to go after resigning,” said P. Crowley. 

    Coach Crowley has had a long history with football, growing up and playing football in Hampton Bays, NY before then playing at The University Of North Carolina for college. At UNC he was a stand-out player who excelled so much, he was ready to move on to the next level. After his time playing in college he received a call to camp with the New England Patriots and later played in the World League. Sadly, he suffered a career ending injury and was unable to play ever again. After that, he barely had any involvement in the sport other than watching it on TV until he came to RJR and began coaching. 

    “I think coaching Reynolds was his way to get back into football and give back to the sport.”  sophomore, Joe Crowley, Pat Crowley’s son, said.

P. Crowley has been coaching RJR since 2015, just before his oldest son, Will, started playing for the Demons. Will is now playing tight end for The University Of North Carolina, as his father did. While coaching RJR, Coach Crowley led the team to numerous playoff appearances and helped multiple players go on to the next level.

    “Coaching this team was a special part of my life that I will never forget,” said P. Crowley. 

    Throughout Crowley’s tenure, he has guided all of his players to be better on and off the field. He was a great role model for his players, always making the right decisions and being there for them, occasionally inviting them over for dinner. 

    “When I had announced that I had resigned, I immediately had fifty calls coming in from former players that I did things for and stayed in touch with,” said P. Crowley. 

    The relationship between him and his players was special, especially with one of them. Joe Crowley, who starts on the defensive line on RJR’s Varsity football team. He has played for two years under his dad’s coaching and will stay to continue to play his junior and senior years at RJR. 

    “My dad has a lot of love for football and his coaching at Reynolds,” said J.Crowley. 

    Crowley pushes Joe to be the best player and role model he can, along with the entire football team. Although his practices can be hard, it’s all a drive to be a better team. Crowley loves to help players reach their full potential whether it’s on the field, in the weight room, or in their lives outside of school. He’s even set up multiple players with job opportunities when they need them. 

    “I loved watching kids in the weight room hit new personal records and become better,” P. Crowley said. “I think Reynolds is a really special place.”

    Even after his retirement he still plans to keep in touch with his former players and continue to help RJR. Everyone at RJR will miss him greatly!