Meet the Board Amid the Pines: Sabrina Coone


Martha Greco, News Editor

    From recording on the radio station to a recently elected school board member, Sabrina Coone is eager to create a welcoming and inclusive educational environment. Finding her way into the school system through volunteering as a parent, Coone has experience working with all-aged students.

    “I was just a PTA room mom but then the advocacy part opened up and I started getting involved in that,” Coone said. “For the last ten years, I found ways to be involved in schools, I became a reading warrior, I became a senior mentor, I was on school improvement teams and so I was advocating at this level but I wanted my voice to advocate at a different level.”

    Coone’s advocacy includes building a collaborative culture where all feel appreciated and secure. 

    “I want us to continue to work on the climate and the culture inside our buildings,” Coone said. “I want to make sure our students feel safe and valued and our educators feel respected and trusted.”

    Along with a sense of community and support Coone is making sure students’ health is valued.

    “I really want us to focus in on making sure we have resources and supports in the building that allow access to services that promote not just academic well-being but mental health well-being,” Coone said.

    Not only is Coone an advocate for education but she also used to use her voice for radio ads.

    “My background is actually in sales and marketing,” Coone said. “I spent ten years in media sales and marketing. I worked at a newspaper for a really long time and then I was in radio.”

    Coone encourages all to use their voice and will continue to set an example throughout her time on the board. 

    “Don’t ever be afraid to be your authentic self and stand up for whatever it is you believe in,” Coone said. “Use your voice and use it for good and it will take you further than you ever believed.”