Meet the Board Amid the Pines: Steve Wood


Martha Greco, News Editor

    An alumnus, former educator, and teenage bus driver for WSFCS, Steve Wood now adds the title of school board member to his resumé. Growing up in Forsyth County as a graduate of North Forsyth High School and former education aid at RJ Reynolds High School, Wood captured a love for education. 

    “My mother’s dream was that all ten of her kids would go to school and become high school graduates,” Wood said. “She taught me early on and even before I went to school that education is really important.”

    This love and value for learning instilled in Wood from a young age is something he still holds with him today and is a reason for his running for election.

    “It’s important in our society and in our culture that education and learning is emphasized as important,” Wood said. “Learning is lifelong and if a person can see that then our education is achieved.”  

    As a board member Wood hopes for students not only to gain strong textbook knowledge but also a sense of pride in their home and who they are.

    “I hope to generate the interest on the part of our students so they’ll graduate with competence either to enter advanced education but also that they will grow good patriotic citizens that love their country,” Wood said. “Hopefully, we will graduate students that hope to form a more perfect union than we already have.”

    Not only is Wood an advocate for education but he is also a mechanic, musician, and footwear fashionista.

    “Aside from education I like to mess around with old cars,” Wood said. “I’m a boot wearer and a boot collector. I’m not an instrumentalist but I do play the guitar and am a singer-songwriter to some extent.”

    As Wood commences on a fresh chapter as a board member he reminds all to enjoy life with the journey and experiences it provides.